I’m back


Hi folks!

In the last few months I had little time to play solo rpgs, but I enjoyed playing solo wargames with my homebrewed system and I had a lot of fun. In the meantime I have created a lot of settings for Bivius rpg, I confess that I like to develop them so much that I have to restrain myself to play them before starting a new one. For now I have created Bivius settings for LOTR, Skyrim, Conan, T&T, Cyberpunk, Star Trek TOS, Pulp, Cyberpunk 2020 and many others.


Lately I have enjoyed creating a chatbot able to talk about solo rpgs and that can serve as a random generator even if limited, it can throw various types of dice, serve as B.R.O. for Bivius,  it draws tarot cards, it can also be used as an oracle for Zathrum solo engine, if you like, you can chat with him here

About lostpangolin

an italian pangolin lost somewhere
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2 Responses to I’m back

  1. Those are fantastic news! I’ll be looking forward to all of those new settings.


  2. Felicius says:

    Happy to see you continue to practice solo-rpgs, your work (especially Bivius Dragons&Tunnels and Funnel) inspire me a lot of games! Eager to read your next posts.


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