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Daily Quest number one

This is the report of my first adventure played with the Daily Quest system, it is a solo game with some elements of roleplaying. You can read about it here. As a first adventure, I was inspired by the Shadow … Continue reading

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Hi, Folks! These are the last days of #SGAM2017. Besides the DAILY QUESTS game, I also wanted to participate with an actual play, especially because this year we want to remember +Zach Best (creator of UNE, CRGE and BOLD), who has … Continue reading

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Hi Folks! I do not think I can complete the adventure I had started  but I made a new game for #SGAM2017 ! It’s called DAILY QUESTS and was born thanks to ideas developed in the BuJoRPG game by DJ … Continue reading

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Some reflections on the categories of solo games

Hi folks! This is the #SGAM2017 month for the Lone Wolf Roleplaying G+ community and I hope to have time to publish an actual play as well, November is a very prolific month for discussion on solo games. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Solo Wargaming: Battle of Marathon

In recent years I have continued to develop my own universal wargame, playable with multiple players and in solo mode. I have not yet chosen a name for the game and I do not think the game can be released … Continue reading

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Ashrozz and Zychell the Blessed

Today I make two characters for Tunnels & Dragons: Let’s start with the Stats Procedure, as a tribute to OSR games I’ll use a multiple B.R.O. to determine the Stats: 1 d20 for Kinship, 1d12 for Class, 1d10 for Career, … Continue reading

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Tunnels & Dragons

I just finished translating the Bivius fantasy sourcebook into English, it took more time than expected due to various delays and commitments, but now Beta is finally available here. The name of the sourcebook is Tunnels & Dragons (T&D), a clear … Continue reading

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Join the Dark Side

After having played many adventures as detectives you would like to experience how you feel in the part of the culprit trying to escape the capture? Now you can with the newest version of Nine Steps And A Bloody Heart … Continue reading

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A Talk with an NPC, a solo example

How to play a long and interactive dialogue with an NPC in a solo RPG scene? This is one example. TOOLS: dice rolls: oracle: FU table from FU word randomizer: ———————————– GENRE: standard fantasy PC: Zaldorr (generic warrior with a … Continue reading

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NSAABH: Skin-doll Hunter

This is another scenario for a NSAABH (Nine Steps And A Bloody Heart) investigative solo adventure, to play you need a suitable RPG system of your choice. It’s obviously inspired by Philip Dick’s “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” novel , Ridley … Continue reading

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