T&D: Funnel Adventure


Hi folks!
Today I want to show you an actual play that I played some time ago, this is a funnel adventure using Tunnel & Dragons.

Tools: 1d20, notebook, pencil, T&D pdf, epic soundtracks



I create 6 “peasants” that is my pre-characters with which I will play this adventure-ordeal. They are from the village of Castow.
I use the system provided by T & D (Paragraph 8.5)  and this is the result, you can see that for convenience I have assigned the names of the peasants in alphabetical order.

1) peasant #1
nome: AMIRA
Low Stats: Human, Thief
data: female, young
peasant weaponry: rock
relation: Berdann’s cousin

2) peasant #2
Low Stats: Human, Servant
data: male, teen
peasant weaponry: torch
relation: Amira’s cousin

3) peasant #3
nome: CYRUS
Low Stats: Human, Tomb-robber
data: male, young
peasant weaponry: club
relation: Darius’ aquaitance

4) peasant #4
nome: DARIUS
Low Stats: Human, Squire
data: male, teen
peasant weaponry: rock
relation: Cirus’ aquaitance

5) peasant #5
nome: EDMAR
Low Stats: Human, Farmer
data: male, young
peasant weaponry: rusted knife
relation: Fianna’s brother

6) peasant #6
nome: FIANNA
Low Stats: Human, Brawler
data: female, teen
peasant weaponry: torch
relation: Edmar’s sister

The premise of the adventure is inspired by the solo adventure Naked Doom for Tunnel & Troll by Ken StAndre.

Note: To facilitate reading I will not transcribe all the questions I have made to the oracle.


Funnel Scenario: Escape From a Dungeon
Surface: Palace
Quest: Find another exit

The Sorcerous City of Nalukkhol, harvest season:

The peasants have been convicted by the court of the Empress Joonden XV for various crimes, it does not matter if they are really guilty or not, the sentence is going to be executed.

The condemned are disarmed and stripped, then they are conducted in the basement of the city palace of justice, where there is the entrance of the Dungeon of the Blind Fate, built centuries ago by a magician to eliminate the numerous death row prisoners who filled the imperial prisons. Most of those unfortunates who enter the dungeon never emerged from the caves but for the few who manage to reach the exit is granted amnesty and freedom.

The condemned are a dozen, including our six peasants, with their feet immersed in the mud of a large underground hall they are forced to listen to a scribe who reads the sentence aloud from a balcony, then he points to a small pile of rags, debris and waste lying near a corner, “In his immense mercy, Her Majesty The Empress grants you to take one object to carry on your journey of penance”,  the unfortunate prisoners scramble to rummage but they find few useful things (the peasant weaponry) then they are pushed towards a long tunnel in front of them.

A platoon of archers with dark armor is positioned behind them, the scribe turns to the prisoners with contempt: “If you do not want to die as you deserve, run!”



  • Location:
    • A)Right Turn + dimly lit
    • B) Large Rectangle Room+ corpses = A
  • Peasant: A) #1 (Amira)    B) #2 (Berdann)  = A

The group of desperate people begins to run while the archers calmly extract their poisoned arrows, then the fugitives hear the arrows hissing very close and the thud of bodies fallen to the ground of those who have been hit. Among those who have escaped there are Amira and her cousin Berdann, they realize they were left alone after the tunnel turned right, Berdann was able to keep the torch that he found in the pile, in the distance the tunnel is partially illuminated by the fading mold on the walls…

  • Threat: A) High    B) Low = A
  • Obstacle: A)War Dogs     B) Javelin Traps = B

[Amira uses her Stat Thief, she needs two successes to survive, 1 failure and she dies]

The two move cautiously, Amira leads her cousin, she has a bit of experience as a thief,

[Test: 1) No ]

No enemies on sight, Amira looks at the floor and the walls to spot possible traps, everything seems fine and she smiles at Berdann, they go on with more confidence for a few yards then a slight click and some javelins are hurled by well hidden traps killing Amira. Berdann manages to reach the end of the tunnel before other javelins are recharged by the mechanisms of the traps.

[peasant #1 dead]







  • Location:
    • A)Short Tunnel + partially flooded
    • B)Large Circular Room + cave = B
  • Peasant: A) #3 (Cyrus)  B) #4 (Darius) = B

After crossing several tunnels, a group of prisoners including the wily Cyrus and the young squire Darius are in a large, almost circular cave.

  • Threat: A) High   B) Low  = A
  • Obstacle: A) Giant Centipede B) Magic Trap = A

Some of the others scream: “Monsters!”, a dozen giant centipedes emerge from the dim light, it must be their nest. The prisoners fight as best they can but they are naked and almost disarmed, those who hold a torch or a club can defend themselves but for the others there is almost no hope.

[Darius uses his Stat Squire, 2 successes to survive, 1 failure to die ]

1)Yes: Darius seeks an escape route for the group while avoiding being eaten by centipedes

2)No: he does not find any suitable opening, the centipedes have come down from holes to some yard of height from the ground, one of the monsters grabs Darius a foot and makes him fall to the ground. The squire tries to free himself from the grip of the monstrous creature, he slams the rock that he uses as a weapon on the carapace of the centipede wounding it but other centipedes assail him, tearing him to pieces in a few moments

[peasant #4 dead]






  • Location:
    • A)T-Cross + high temperature
    • B) Large Poligonal Room + cave = B
  • Peasant: A) #5 (Edmar) B) #6 (Fianna) = A

Those who have escaped from the centipedes reach another large, apparently empty cave, the most thirsty lick the moisture from the walls, some just slump to the ground to rest. Only two of them continue to explore the cave in search of something useful, they are Edmar the farmer and his younger sister Fianna who observes carefully everything that her torch illuminates.

  • Threat: A) High   B) Low  = B
  • Obstacle: A)Fungus Man B) Magic Pool = A

From one of the two tunnels that depart from the cave she sees strange shapes that sneak up, a couple of fungus men have awakened from their lethargy and attack the two siblings.

[Edmar uses his Stat Human, 2 successes to survive, 2 failures to be wounded]

1)Yes: Edmar dodges the attack of the nearest monster and repeatedly hits him with his rusted knife, a yellowish liquid splashes from the fungoid’s wound.

2)Yes: Edmar kills the fungusman while Fianna easily eliminates the other monster

[peasant #5 survived]






  • Location:
    • A)Medium Tunnel + inscriptions on the walls
    • B) Large Square Room + nuisance(bats) = B
  • Peasant: A) #2 (Berdann)  B) #3 (Cyrus) = B

The survivors wander through the tunnels, they know they must find the exit before they die of hardship, they arrive in another large square cavern and immediately they are attacked by a multitude of membranous wings, they are only harmless bats frightened by intruders…

  • Threat: A) High   B) Low  = B
  • Obstacle: A)Skeleton B) Boulder Trap = A

In the cave Cyrus looks for some better weapon than his worn-out club, he sees a pit dug a long time ago, he hopes to find some weapon or armor in that tomb, maybe a beautiful sword, the skeleton lying in the grave has only useless tattered clothes but it suddenly comes alive and attacks the peasant.

[Cyrus uses again his Stat Tomb-Robber: 2 successes to survive, 2 failures to be wounded]

1)No: The skeleton grabs both arms of the peasant and prevents him from using the club

2)No: the other prisoners hear the cries of Cyrus and rush to help him but too late, they manage to break down the skeleton. The tomb-robber is wounded but can still walk.

[peasant #3 wounded, Stat Tomb-Robber is reduced to zero]






  • Location:
    • A)Stairs Down + footprints
    • B) Large Square Room + bad smell = A
  • Peasant: A) #3 (Cyrus, because he is wounded)  B) #2 (Berdann) = A

Nobody knows how long they’ve been wandering in the dungeon, now they descend a long stairway following the human footprints of some previous group of prisoners…


  • Threat: A) High   B) Low  = A
  • Obstacle: A)Goblins B)Spore Traps = B

Cyrus is struggling to get down the steps because of the wounds and at some point he leans on the wall to catch his breath, the stone wall is covered with strange greenish stains.

[Cyrus uses his Stat Human: 2 successes to survive, 1 failure to die]

1)Yes: Cyrus is careful not to touch the stains that seem to move imperceptibly

2)Yes: looking better he notices that on the steps near him there are, just visible, traces of the shapes of some humanoid beings (victims!), while the air fills with a cloud of spores, Cyrus understands that he is in danger and he rolls down the stairs, he’s a little bruised but he avoided the trap

  • A) Resource (healing mushrooms) B) nothing = A

The Tomb-Robber arrives at the bottom of the stairs where he finds the others who are drinking from an underground spring, he quenches his thirst and then also finds a pair of mushrooms on the bank, he is so hungry that he devours them without thinking, he is lucky, his wounds begin to heal quickly. Everyone starts looking for other specimens of those healing mushrooms but without success.

[peasant # 3 survived and healed]






  • Location:
    • A)T-Junction + slippery ground
    • B) Large Oval Room + cave = B
  • Peasant: A) #6 (Fianna) B) #2 (Berdann)  = B

There were differences of opinion among the survivors, some separated from the group, Berdann, left alone, discovers an immense cave of vaguely oval form.

  • Threat: A) High   B) Low  = B
  • Obstacle: A)Blood Bats   B)Bottomless Pit = A

[Berdann uses his Stat Human: , 2 successes to survive, 2 failures to be wounded]

1)Yes: His torch has worn out, a little light comes from the phosphorescent mold that abounds in those caverns, he can perceive a myriad of small eyes staring at him from above, bats! again!

2)No: A swarm of blood bats assaults him on all sides, he uses the consumed torch to drive them away but they are too many and they bite him all over his body

3)No:  The blood-sucking bats chase him in the tunnel from which he entered but he dives into an underground river that drags him away from their reach, he finds himself on a pebble beach somewhere lower, wounded but still alive.

[peasant #2 wounded, Stat Human drops to zero]






  • Location:
    • A)Stairs Up + excavated tunnel
    • B) Large Rectangular Room + armory = B
  • Peasant: A) #6 (Fianna) B) #2 (Berdann, wounded)  = A

Fianna and Edmar arrive in a large hall, along the two longer sides there are many racks full of weapons and armor, similar to those of the imperial guards.

  • Threat: A) High   B) Low  = A
  • Obstacle: A)Stone Golem*  B)Gas Trap = A

The two wonder if that is really the armory of the imperial palace, maybe they did it. Edmar touches one of the armor and nothing happens, he grins happily and wears a black chain mail, a plumed helmet, and grabs a two-headed ax.

Fianna equipped herself but then she sees a beautiful sword strung up to the hilt in a carved boulder shaped like a bearded head…

[Fianna uses his Stat Human: , 2 successes to survive, 1 failure to die]

1)No: Fianna does not resist and draws the sword, the stone face comes alive and the gigantic golem emerges from the floor in all its power, Fianna has only time to warn Edmar “Go!”, The two siblings flee away from the stone giant that devastates the armory with his fists, they are about to reach the exit but the golem grabs Fianna who still held the precious sword, when the weapon falls to the ground with a clang, the girl has already been crushed, then the golem collapses the vault, everything vanishes and Berdan finds himself outdoors on a beach … he is free.

[peasant # 6 dead]

[ Note(*): a Stone Golem is an impossible enemy, see paragraph 7.3 T&D) ]






peasant #2 (Berdann, wounded), peasant #3(Cyrus), peasant #5(Edmar)

Edmar was taken away by the other two survivors Berdann and Cyrus, they had found him unconscious and with a broken arm after the armory collapse. The armor had protected him somehow. They were the only ones who found the exit at the end of a tunnel near the armory. They were happy to be alive but they had all lost relatives and friends



After a few years the three peasants have become adventurers but they still remember what they lived together and sometimes they return to visit their village.

Each survivor peasant earns 1000 xp, confirms rank 1 and is promoted to standard characters, I use the usual procedure to complete their profile, all of them increase one level of age.

note: (+) is a High Level Stat, the other Stats are Low Level.


Kinship: Human (+)
Class:  Warrior (+)
Career: Skirmisher
Background: Farmer
Advantage: Amulet
Gender: male , Age: adult, Personality: rude, Objective: wealth, Disadvantage: dependence(alcohol)

Equipment: knife, longsword, franzizka(throwing hatchet), heavy leather armor and metal helm, medium shield, adventure kit

Commitment: to give his surplus treasure to the inhabitants of their village Castow


Name: BERDANN The Furtive (Sidekick)
Kinship: Human
Class: Rogue(+)
Career: Scout(+)
Background: Servant
Advantage: High Dexterity
Gender: male, Age: young, Personality: gloomy, Objective: to find his parents, Disadvantage: phobia(bats)

Equipment: dagger, sap, adventure kit


Kinship: Human
Class: Commoner
Career: Alchemist (+)
Background: Tomb-Robber(+)
Advantage: Willpower
Gender: male, Age: adult , Personality: cynical, Objective: wealth, Disadvantage: Bad Luck (the skeleton that attacked him was cursed)

Equipment: knife, alchemist’s bag(tools, potions, ingredients), adventure kit

I hope you enjoyed this, see you next time. Ciao!

Edit: Scene 7 text fixed (I confused the names Berdann & Edmar during the translation)

Some of the names are randomly  generated with https://donjon.bin.sh
Google Translate helped me 🙂
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Impromptu Pirate Adventure (Final)


Hi Folks!

I conclude this adventure that I played using the solo RPG Bivius and Bivius Companion , without any preparation, improvising everything in full freedom (yeah).
Find the rest of the adventure here: part 1, part 2, part 3.

Tools: 1d20, sheets of paper, pen, my watch.

Resume: My character, the pirate captain Barnaby Blackscales, has decided to take revenge once and for all of his rival Hector El Carnicero to protect his beloved gypsy girl Rosalva, for this he has set up a trap between two small uninhabited islands, The Plana Cays.

Barnaby has harshly provoked El Carnicero on the island of Tortuga and has also done so to leave clues about where he would be headed: the island of Samana Cays north of the Plana Cays.
Barnaby’s ship, The Lady Death, landed on the eastern Plana Cays and everyone immediately went to work.
The plan is this: place a pair of cannons and hide them on the western island pointed towards the strait, lure the enemy ship into the channel where the cannons will shoot down the sails with chained cannonballs, at the same time my underwater pirates (they are humanoid manatees) will tie the rudders of the enemy ship with chains to anchor it to the bottom and block it completely at the mercy of my galleon…Arrrrrr!




A) just one day after our arrival, the enemy ship appears south of the islands
B) after a week the enemy ship is sighted to the north of the islands
= B
While on the south beach of the western island I supervise the collection of the few coconuts present on these flat shores, one of my lookouts, Pete Uglyface, comes running to warn me: “Ship in sight to the north, Captain! It’s the ‘Double Trouble ‘, sir ”

I say: “They must have gone to Samana and then they looked for us, following the course backward, I knew that their Captain would have taken the bait like a sardine!”

I go back aboard my ship and I consult with my first officer, Bilbao Jack.
We must lure the enemy ship, a galleon-catamaran called Double Trouble, in the strait to have a good chance of winning.

Does Jack agree with me on the battle plan? Yes

Is Jack still hurt? No (his Human Stat level is High again)

Are there any complications? No

I order :” Ready to sail, let us be spotted by them!”


the ‘Double Trouble’

I decide it’s time to do a strategy test to see if the trap works as expected.
it will be a contest of skills so the threat level also corresponds to the piracy-leadership of El Carnicero. 

Threat Level: Low

Barnaby uses his stat Pirate which is high level, he needs only one success to win

1)No, a failure: I watch with my spyglass the approaching enemy ship, it  slows down as if it were suspicious

2)No, a failure: (oh no!) the double hull of the enemy ship changes course and moves away from the strait, El Carniciero must have sighted the cannons hidden on the western island!

I apply the rule #9 of the Bivius Companion, so Barnaby’s Pirate Stat goes down to Low Level. Those sailors will pay for their incapacity!



A) The Double Trouble runs along the western island B) it runs along the eastern island = B

It will circumvent the island to reach me from the east, the battle has begun in one way or another. I order that Rosalva be brought to the safest place of the ship, the deposit of the sails, in the part aft of the hold. She will be a bit uncomfortable but certainly safer.

I want to play a naval battle and for this I decide to use the rule # 11 of the Bivius Companion, assigning to the ships the following Stats: 1 High Level Stat ( a main advantage), 1 Low Level Stat (a secondary advantage), 1 Hit Points Stat and finally a Disadvantage to justify some failures.
The stats of the enemy ship will be used as threat levels in the tests.

Lady Death:
High Stat: veteran crew
Low Stat: agile ship
HP: low
Disadvantage: old and slow keel

Double Trouble:
High Stat: reinforced hull
Low Stat: heavy cannons
HP: high
Disadvantage: the double hull makes it difficult to handle

Each failed test reduces the Stat used by the loser by 1 level. If the Stat is reduced to zero then the HP stat of the ship is also reduced by 1 level, if it drops to zero it means that the ship is destroyed.

Even if El Carnicero has seen our cannons on the island he still knows nothing of the pirate manatees, I send to call their leader Rudd and explain the situation to him. If the enemy ship enters the strait the three manatees will perform their mission as intended but if I have a second pirate flag hoisted then they will have to swim underneath the enemy ship and tie its rudders so that it goes round in circles without control.

Phase 1:

B.R.O. determines the Threat Level in this first fight: High (reinforced hull), I use the High Level Stat of my ship (veteran crew). I need two successes to win.

1)Yes: My crew puts the Lady Death in an advantageous position, able to shoot an effective cannon shot before the enemy could react. Good guys!

2)Yes: The huge double hull of the Double Trouble can not correct the course to shoot in time, before the lady death can sweep the bridge of the port side with a volley of canister shots killing many enemies.

Huzzah!!! Enemy High Stat (reinforced hull) drops to Low Level.


Phase 2:

The Threat Level can no longer be high because the Double Trouble only has Low Level Stats now. This does not mean that the battle is over. I decide not to take risks and still use my High Stat (veteran crew), in fact if any of my Low Level Stats drops to zero, the HP stats does the same and the Lady Death will be destroyed by the greater power of the enemy ship.

Threat Level: Low (heavy cannons)

I use the High Level Stat of my ship (veteran crew). I need one success to win.

1)Yes: the heavy guns of the Double Trouble vomit flames and cannonballs but the crew of the Lady Death veered promptly avoiding most of the shots and positioning our ship safely towards the double stern of the catamaran. Our cannons destroy part of the starboard hull.

Enemy High Stat (heavy cannons) drops to Zero. Enemy HP drops to Low level.

Phase 3:

Is the sea bottom shallow enough to recover a sunken ship here? Yes

I could continue the naval combat with these rules to sink the enemy ship and then recover all the cargo in the hold, but I want to kill my rival with my hands, this means a boarding but the enemy ship is bigger and with a crew much larger.
Given the losses suffered by the enemy crew, is a boarding feasible? No

I then try to lure the enemy ship into the strait. It is a test on Barnaby’s Pirate Stat (low) against a Low Level Threat (El Carnicero’s piracy-leadership). I need two successes to win.

1)Yes: After several maneuvers, I order to head north-east towards the strait and the Double Trouble chases us at the maximum speed of which it is still capable

2)Yes: In the strait, the enemy ship is sailing away from the western island where a couple of my cannons are waiting to hit it, but I raise a second flag and then I see the silhouettes of my manatee pirates swimming under water at great speed, in a few minutes the Double Trouble begins to sail in circles and then we can approach to shoot canister shots again, decimating the enemies on the upper decks.

Is it possible to board the ship now? Yes
Does Barnaby recover the lost level of his Pirate Stat? No



A) The boarding the enemy ship begins, there is smoke because in the hold of the farthest hull a fire flares up
B) The boarding the enemy ship begins, but the farthest hull detaches from the other one by special explosive charges, El Carnicero commands the fleeing hull
= A

I Jump on board the enemy ship with the first wave of assailants while the sound of gunfire and the screams of the wounded echo in the thick smoke coming out of the hatches.
Can I find El Carnicero? Yes
Threat level: High

At this moment the only high level Stat of Barnaby is Animaloid (pangolin), so I leave the stats Pirate, Rogue and Good Weapon in reserve and fight in close combat with claws.

1)No: Full of rage I kill some enemy pirates as I head to the Double Trouble command bridge, up there in the smoke, I see the evil Hector El Carnicero, but four of his pirates try to stop me, their cutlass cause me some wounds

2)Yes: I disarm one of the henchmen and quickly kill the others with my claws, I continue towards Hector

3)Yes: I must look scary with my dark armor of scales covered with the blood of the enemies, Hector is not waiting for me to reach him, he draws his flintlock pistol but I roll under his legs and I drop him on the ground, his throat between my claws, his ugly face a short distance from mine.

I defeated him (!) but it seems too easy…. 
A) Hector surrenders, B) Hector commits suicide  = A


Seeing their captain captured, do the enemies surrender? Yes

Complications? Yes


Hector El Carnicero


A) Rosalva is in trouble B) There is a fleet in sight = B

Does Barnaby recover the lost level of his Pirate Stat? Yes

Does El Carnicero seem happy with this news? No

Is the unknown fleet approaching? No

Can I see which nation the fleet belongs to? Yes

A)English   B)Spanish = A

I do not think it is possible that the fleet does not notice the smoke of the battle and our ships standing in the strait. I have little time available before the British come to snoop in our affairs. Here we are all pirates and if the British fleet takes us, they will hang us one after the other.

While I was playing this, a new rule came to my mind that I could try:

The Countdown:

As the player, I have the chance to ask three quick questions to the oracle (B.R.O.) then I will have to come up with a plan of action in a very short frame of real time (from 30 secs to 3 minutes), which I will have to stop with my watch.

If I fail then the consequences will be more serious for my PC.


The maneuvers between sailing ships were very slow and so I set a 3-minute countdown from the moment I get the third answer from B.R.O.

1)Is the fleet made up of war vessels? No, it must be a convoy of cargo ships escorted by some warships

2)Is the enemy first officer alive? No

3)Is the Double Trouble still able to fight? Yes

A fleet is too strong to beat it with two ships damaged by a fight, seeing the seconds that passed inexorably was really stressful and gave me the feeling of having to make a decision quickly. In 2 minutes and 52 seconds I had managed to draft a plan:

1) Bilbao Jack and the crew tie most of the prisoners and board them on the Double Trouble boats, pulling them against the coral reef of the eastern island (they will have to swim to get on the island, if they can)
2) Bilbao Jack and the crew transfer to the Lady Death the most valuable cargo taken from the hold of the Double Trouble

3) I order to place a long-lasting fuse in the ammunition deposit of the Double Trouble
4) El Carnicero is chained to one of the two masts of his ship
5) The manatee pirates release the rudders of the Double Trouble
6) Barnaby, with a few experienced sailors, remains on board the Double Trouble to direct it towards the approaching English convoy, with the pirate flag clearly visible!
7) As soon as possible Barnaby and his men drop the ship’s launch and sail in the direction of the Lady Death while the pirate catamaran is cannonaded by the British
8) The Lady Death flees in the opposite direction taking advantage of the confusion while the double trouble (and El Carnicero with it) explodes

I divide the plan into two parts, each part will be checked with a test:


Test 1 (steps 1-5):

Threat Level: Low

I use Bilbao Jack’s Warrior (High Level), I need 1 success to win

1)Yes: the plan starts well, good job, Jack!

Can we load a lot of booty in the 15 minutes available? Yes
This is A) gold and jewelry B) silver and magical items: A


Test 2 (steps 6-8):

Threat Level: Low

I use Barnaby’s Pirate (High Level), I need 1 success to win

1)Yes: Mission accomplished, HUZZAY!!!

Does the English fleet pursue the lady death? NO

Barnaby Blackscales ends his first adventure and earns 1 Brownie Point.

One last curiosity: does Rudd, the manatee leader, survive the battle? No

This is sad, RIP


The adventure is over with a complete success (you can never know with Bivius!), the Lady Death sails towards La Tortuga with a fair amount of booty (gold and jewelry) in the hold, Barnaby has shown to know how to command his crew and maybe he’ll make other adventures with his beloved Rosalva and the help of the loyal Bilbao Jack.

I could do other adventures with these characters.
I must say that I enjoyed a lot this adventure even if I had to speed up some parts to publish it on the blog.

It’s all for now, Ciao!

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Review: Master Solo Engines


Hi folks!

When I can, I read one of the PDFs in my collection and this time my attention fell on this text, dedicated to solo roleplaying:

author: Kenny Norris
year: 2015
format: PDF, 18 pages
size: 13.42 MB
cost: FREE

The author has been an active member of the G+ community Lone Wolf Roleplaying and he is fun to read.
The text, after a brief introduction, begins to describe in short the differences between group rpgs and solo rpgs, then it deepens some techniques used in solitary RPGs.


  • intro
  • GM and PC Turns
  • Solo Engines
  • Advanced Creative Techniques
  • Putting the Lesson into Practice

I particularly appreciated the part concerning the different types of questions to ask the Oracle, the distinction between deep and shallow questions and some advice on how to formulate questions, some of them were new to me while others were a pleasant confirmation of classical techniques. This section deserves to be read and reread several times because the tips it contains are precious for any solo engine or solo rpg you are using.
Kenny has made other books about RPG Solo and I think I’ll read them soon.

The book in pdf format is available for free here

Pros: Fluent reading. It shows useful tips on how to use the solo engines.
provides clarification for novices and a valid reminder for the more experienced players.

Cons: Some references are a bit dated, it cites only 4 solo engines. Minimalist graphics.

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Engle’s Matrix Games & Solo RPGs

Dice Las Vegas Transparent Casino Games Red Cube

Today I want to talk about a game, or rather a family of games, the Matrix Game, created by Chris Engle to play wargame campaigns in a totally different way from the one used until then, he believed that the normal wargames they used too complicated rules but failed to simulate the dynamics of a strategic and diplomatic campaign in a satisfactory way. His solution was drastic, a very simple system of abstract rules that allowed to reach the goal. Over the years the system changed slightly, many scenarios were created and the system is still used around the world by enthusiasts. Matrix games scenarios were used for diplomatic simulations in university courses and even by the Canadian army to train their military personnel in the war against ISIS (source).

The history of Matrix games

I am a fan of wargames and rpgs so it is weird that I came to know about this system only a few years ago. This is because, as far as I know, the Matrix Game is very much played today but only by a circle of connoisseurs while the general public is not aware of it. In my case it was a revelation to discover that a game published in ’92 (and conceived in 1988) allows you to play with super simple rules high-quality strategic-diplomatic wargame campaigns but at the same time it can be used to play narrative rpg adventures (most likely before that this term was meant for RPGs).

This is a resume of how a Matrix Game works

Although it is mostly used for wargames, the Matrix game has also been used in group RPGs because its system is incredibly simple and universal.
In practice the player proposes the action of his character and declares the reasons why this action should happen, the GM establishes the chances that the action takes place, applies the modifiers to the roll of 1d6, if successful the action takes place as declared.

The author himself, Chris Engle, explains how to use it in an rpg:

While in the wargame version I believe that the interaction between the different players and also their knowledge of the scenario is very important for the outcome of the game, in the RPG this is not essential, with the same mechanism you can easily make an adventure between the GM and a single player.
Is it possible to use the Matrix Game as a solo RPG? I say definitely yes because, unlike  wargames, in the RPG the fundamental dynamic is not the interaction between the different players but the one between the player and the GM.
What do you normally do in a solo RPG?

A scene is defined using idea generators and questions are asked to the virtual GM, possibly also setting up modifiers to increase / decrease the probability of a favorable response.
The Matrix did it already, in its first versions of the rules it even used a set of words related to the scenario, a matrix of cue words (hence the name of the game). For reasons that I ignore this matrix has been eliminated in later versions but I think it is very useful for solo rpg: it works differently but it is like a word generator with the advantage of being perfectly suited to the adventure that you are playing.

In theory you can easily play a solo rpg with Matrix Game proposing the PC actions and verifying if they happen, the same thing can then be repeated for the NPCs, adding details thanks to the use of the matrix of cue words.

It is amazing that this simple, adaptable and innovative game was born so long ago.

You can also download many Matrix wargame scenarios

More good stuff here

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The Impromptu Pirate (Part 3): The Merry Skull


Hi folks, I continue to play this completely improvised Bivius Solo RPG adventure. You can find the first part of the story here and the second part here.
Tools: deck of playing cards, pencil, sheets of papers, Googlemap, Google search.

Recap: We are among the pirates of the Caribbean in the seventeenth century, in an alternative timeline where magic exists but only through the use of silver items and there are humanoid animals perfectly integrated into society. My character is the pirate captain Barnaby Blackscales, a humanoid pangolin who has recently saved the life of an ex-girlfriend, the beautiful gypsy Rosalva who expects a child from the Barnaby’ sworn enemy, the treacherous Hector El Carnicero, who wants Rosalva back to mistreat her.

It’s time to get revenge. Arrrrr….!

Part 3

Scene 1:     Tortuga Island

We docked to the island without there being any trace of Hector’s galleon, The Double Trouble.  I,  Captain Barnaby, immediately set to work to prepare my plan to finally put an end to my rival’s pirate career. I must hurry and act with caution, to prepare the trap I need to get a special weapon and find out the position of Hector’s ship.

Is there a trace of his ship? No
I send half crew on shore and leave the command to Bilbao Jack, my sidekick and friend,  I disembark with a small pirate escort looking for something special to buy:
What is it that I can afford?
A) Unusual weapons from a former pirate now merchant

B) Animaloid manatees mercenaries in disgrace

B.R.O. says: B

I come to know that of the manatee mutants are forced to clean the hulls of the ships until late at night to repay a gambling debt. Their leader’s name is Rudd.
Pirates able to stay underwater would be very useful, I’m going to talk to him to hire them.
I establish how many they are: A) six, B) only three = B
Complications? No
[here I summarize the dialogue and the negotiation I made with their leader Rudd]
I offer to pay him the debt and admit them in my crew but I warn them that if they desert, it will not be difficult to find humanoid manatees, Rudd laughs and accepts the offer.

Do I have any money left to spend? Yes
I buy a certain number of chained balls (they are used to cut down spars and sails), I need them for the plan I start to process

Complications? No
I return to the ship with a cart full of cannon balls and I instruct the carpenter to build a tank in the hold for the new recruits.

I spend the rest of the day checking supplies for the ship.

Scene 2

Next morning I stay in my cabin to study the maps. I let the other half of the crew land to have fun and I instruct Bilbao Joe to disembark and discreetly investigate the location of Hector’s ship.
Is Rosalva still in a sad mood? No.

Is she well-disposed with Barnaby? No

I hear Rosalva singing an old song in her cabin but I have yet to find a good place for the trap.

[I could let Barnaby make a test and then imagine a good  location but I decided to take advantage of Googlemap and look for a real suitable place!]

I want to reduce the ability to maneuver the rival ship so I need a channel that is navigable and narrow.

[After a while I find an interesting place here (coordinates) the Plana Cays, two little unhabited islands in the Lesser Antilles divided by a channel less than 1 mile wide. With a Google search, I calculate how much a galleon puts us to reach it from where I am, I find out that those parts blow the trade winds so we have to sail upwind, that it will take two-three days.]

The planned course of my ship, the Lady Death:


In the afternoon I supervise the boarding of supplies and the final preparations. I make sure to randomly name our alleged destination (Samana Cays) to a couple of notoriously nosy suppliers.

Does Bilbao come back now? Yes
[since Bilbao is a NPC, the story of what he managed to do will be determined by a test]
Bilbao went to the most popular tavern on the island “The Merry Skull” and while playing dice and offering some rum he started to ask questions about Captain Hector and his ship.

Theat level: High. Bilbao uses his High Stat Human.
Turn 1: No, At the beginning nobody provides him with useful information
Turn 2: Yes.  A guy comes up and after a tip tells him he’s part of Hector’s crew and the Double Trouble had set sails a couple of days ago.
Turn 3: No. Bilbao has been drinking too much rum as usual (his disadvantage), he follows the informer out of the tavern and gets beaten up by the guy’s henchmen who robbed him.
[The Bilbao’s Stat Human goes down to Low Level]
Is Bilbao seriously injured? No
Did Bilbao Jack recognize any of the attackers? Yes. Is the informer one of Hector’s men? Yes


Scene 3
I call a group of my most warlike pirates and we follows Bilbao though the dusty streets of the town until we all enter the Merry Skull, we have to find the aggressors to interrogate them.
Can we trace them? No, Complications? No
I have to sail quickly to set up the trap but I want to provoke Hector so that the patrons of the tavern can report everything. I go up to the tavern’s counter and I improvise a speech to the crowd:

“My Friends, it seems that the henchmen of El Carnicero (may the Hell swallows him soon) quickly fled after cowardly attack from behind my and your friend, Bilbao Jack.
I am not surprised that those sea rats have hidden in some sewer because they are the worthy followers of the most dastard of the seven seas, Arrr!
That fool can not even hold off his woman, Rosalva, who at this moment warms my bunk [laughter of the crowd] and even less his ship, that monstrosity that just manages to stay afloat!”
Then I offer rum to everyone present and I go back with my men aboard the Lady Death showing great confidence but with my saber ready.
Complications? No

[wow, flat calm! in Mythic GME would be a chaos factor 1 situation]

So much the better, my ship sails at sunset to the north east to ambush a pirate vessel twice its size.

The time at my disposal is finished for now, I will see what happens next time, Ciao!

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Impromptu Pirate Adventure Part 2


I continue this completely improvised adventure using the basic rules of Bivius.
Tools: 1d6, my dice tower, Windows Notepad, Googlemap  

you can read the first part of the adventure here


Scene 1:

So, my character, the pirate captain Barnaby Blackscales saved his ex-girlfriend from being  thrown to the sharks by the crew.
She’s a human girl, now I establish some other details about her:
A) noble family (I was sincere), B) gipsy (I had lied) = B
A) irascible, B) introverted = B

she also needs a name: Rosalva

The girl is legitimately shaken by what happened to her, I make her sit on the most comfortable chair in the cabin and I pour her some Port wine which I bring from my personal reserve.

“Do you want something to eat? I should have pretty clean lady’s clothes in the trunk of my last lov…  Somewhere”

Rosalva avoids my gaze and remains silent, then she drinks the wine softly.
I try to reassure her: “Do not worry about what I said before, when the crew will celebrate in a port they will forget about you and the promised ransom, then I will let you disembark in secret … ”   I hint at a smile of encouragement.
Does Rosalva say something? No
I would like to know what she was doing on that galleon but I think it’s better to change strategy, I call my sidekick Bilbao Jack.
Jack enters, greets and throws himself smiling on the tankard full of rum I’ve prepared for him.
Does Jack know Rosalva? Yes

“Jack, you remember Rosalva, don’t you? We were in the port of Baranquilla for that job and we had to run off quickly, do you remember?”
Does Jack help me? Yes
“Yes … that time we avoided the gallows for very little”
“True, Jack, but every day I talked to you about my beloved Rosalva”
“Of course, Captain, every single day!”

A) Rosalva is grateful for the rescue, B) Rosalva not happy to meet me = B

Rosalva calmly stares at me and says, “You’ve always been a liar, Barnaby. You and your friend..  I want to get out of here!”

I add a complication:
A) she’s pregnant, B) she’s possessed by an entity = A

she stands up and tries to open the door of the cabin, I grab her and I realize for the first time that she does not have a corset and her belly shows a suspicious roundness…

“Calm down, sweetheart. Out of here only trouble awaits you and… your child”

Jack stares at us with surprise, but I’m sure, “what month are you?”

she replies shyly “Third”

Now I have to know the most important thing:

A) she awaits Barnaby’s baby B) she awaits a child from an enemy = B


A)the father is a rival pirate B) the father is a governor = A

A)she wants to go to him B) she’s escaping from him = B

Rosalva takes courage and tells us that she had embarked as Lady Encajes’ maid to escape from the baby’s father, Hector El Carnicero (the butcher). Rosalva shows her naked back with the signs of the recent lashes that he has done to her.

Jack slams his mug of rum onto the table: “That bilge rat!”

(it seems that a quest is available, so to speak)

I do not say a word, only the tip of my scaly tail moves nervously. If I act well I can get two birds with one stone, helping the beautiful Rosalva and taking a good revenge against my hated rival.

“We will use you, Rosalva, as bait to lure El Carnicero into a trap, once we have eliminated him we will take everything he has! Arrr!”

Does Rosalva agree? Yes, Does Jack agree? Yes

we must spread the word that she is in a place where I will prepare an ambush. I need to define what that I know about my rival.

A) human B) animaloid (jackal) = A (okay, animaloids are definetely rare)
A) he has a special hook B) he has a wizard on board = A
A) he has a particular crew B) he has a particular ship = B
What kind of special ship:
A) very fast brig powered by a silver figurehead B) double galleons, a kind of giant catamaran = B 

Hector El Carnicero, rival pirate captain, human with a hook shaped like an eagle talon, his ship “Double Trouble” is a unique twin hulls galleon.

So what we’re awaiting for? let’s start…

Scene 2:

On the bridge of the “Lady Death”, I inform the crew that we are going to La Tortuga island to enjoy a shore leave and then we will begin to patrol the seas again.
Is there any complication? Yes (oh boy…)

A) someone wants to run as a captain in my place
B) ship on the horizon

BRO chooses: A 

Who is the brazen, now?

A)the envious and strong boatswain B) the son of the previous captain (killed by me) = B

A voice is heard from the crowd of pirates : “And the ransom you promised us, captain? I say you lied to us and you want to keep that whore just for you! I, Lars Thorsson, son of the the great Captain Simon Thorsson, challenge you to a duel, scaly dog!”

Threat Level? Low

Bilbao Jack acting as  the first mate establishes the rules: “No weapons, lads. None of us can intervene as long as one of the duellists is no longer able to fight”

I use my stat Animaloid(pangolin) again, my claws and the scaly back can serve well, I hope.

High Stat vs Low Threat, I need just one success to win.

Turn 1) Fail. (!!!) Lars is full of hatred towards me and leaps on the command bridge in a moment, before I have finished taking off my weapons. The crew is watching us therefore I can not cheat using a blade. The felon hits me repeatedly with his fists on my stomach.

Turn 2) Success. I roll away protecting myself with my scaly back, I get up and avoiding his fists within his guard, my claws are still adorned with showy jewelled rings but easily rip the flesh of the traitor. Lars falls to the ground in a pool of blood but still alive.

The crew exults for my victory but I know that every pirate is always ready to make a mutiny if there are the right conditions. I do not want to take any other risks. I order the boatswain: “Throw that mutineer to the fishes”

Scene 3:

Arrived at the port of the island La Tortuga, the capital of all the freebooters of the Caribbeans,  I think I have to do two things, get information on the position of Hector’s Ship and find something that gives me an advantage when I have to defeat him.

I have finished the time available, I will see what happens next time. Ciao!

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An Impromptu Adventure


Hi everyone, I had some free time on this hot day and I decided to make an impromptu adventure with Bivius RPG, no procedures either idea of what will come out, all improvisation.

Tools: 1d6, a notebook, a pencil, a lemon ice lolly

First of all I define the genres that I would like to try today and ask B.R.O.:
A) Cyberpunk, B) Pirates = B
Okay,  it will be pirates, galleons, treasures, etc.

I add a couple of details:
A) There are humanoid animals, B) Far east style = A

it looks as an interesting twist. One more detail for this setting:

A) Fauna of the Jurassic, B) Silver is magical

(I wish for the dinosaurs) = B (nope)

So we have a scenario of pirates in a Caribbean-like environment also populated by humanoid animals and in which magic is practiced through magical items that must be composed of pure silver, then silver deposits would be strategic for those who know how to use magic.
Is magic common? No
Every colonial power has its own covenant of enchanters sponsored by the crown. Not authorized enchanters risk going to jail.


Okay, now I create the PC, since it seems to have become a fantasy setting I use more or less the Tunnels & Dragons Stats, I proceed by heart and set the options:
I really like the idea of ​​having a humanoid character of my totem animal (the pangolin), I could block this option but I decide to leave the choice to BRO, in the worst case I will have a pangolinoid sidekick

  • Kinship: A) Human B) Animaloid (a pangolin of course!)
  • Class: A) Warrior B) Rogue
  • Career: A) Pirate B) Surgeon
  • Background: A) Servant B) Noble
  • Advantage: A) Pet (instead of a parrot I choose a monkey) B) good weapon (to be defined later on the basis of the owner’s stat)

My PC will be the result of the options chosen by BRO, I roll the dice five times:

Therefore: animaloid, rogue, pirate, noble, good weapon
hooray I have the pangolinoid!
The discarded options create the sidekick (AABAA): human, warrior, surgeon, servant, pet (monkey)

I decide that both are adult males, with the same method of the stats I add some other details:

  • Personality: A) Boaster, B) Cold
  • Objective: A) Wealth, B) Adventure
  • Disadvantage: A) Dependence (rum), B) Claustrophobia

my  main character gets: BBB, therefore the sidekick gets AAA.

the characters are ready in less than five minutes:

My PC:
Barnaby Blackscales, High Stats: Animaloid (pangolin), Pirate,
Low Stats: Rogue, Noble, Good Weapon (toledo steel saber)
data: male, adult, cold personality, seek adventure, claustrophobia
equipment: clothes, spyglass, stiletto, saber

his sidekick:
Bilbao Jack, High Stats: Human, Warrior
Low Stats: Surgeon, Servant, Pet (monkey called Sea-monkey)
date: male, adult, braggart personality, desires wealth, dependence on rum
equipment: clothes, rusty surgical instruments, 2 pistols, 1 saber

I establish what position I have among the pirates:
A) recently appointed captain B) recruiter on his first trip = A
Wow, so my PC is a claustrophobic humanoid pangolin, currently in command of a pirate ship, a cadet son of a marquis and accompanied by his faithful ship surgeon, an alcoholic Portuguese.
It looks promising 🙂


A) on my ship “Lady Death”, we divide the loot of the last captured galleon
B) in a neutral port in search of new recruits
so I have to supervise the distribution of the loot, what could go wrong?
A) someone stole from a loot a silver object (therefore potentially magical)
B) the loot includes hostages
I ask explanations to BRO:

Is there anyone I know among the hostages? Yes. A friend? Yes
I guess I’ll have to protect my friend, let’s define who it is:
A) human B) animaloid (jaguar) = A
A) male B) female = B
Why are we friends?
A) I love her B) she saved my life once = A
oh ok … piracy and interspecies romanticism (lol)

I ask Bro if the girl recognized me: Yes, does she say anything? No

Since there is always a threat to face I ask for the difficulty level: High Level
A big trouble.
So the crew wants to kill the hostages because during the boarding they resisted and this
it is the law of freebooters. Well, I’m the captain. I could impose my will but the threat is high, probably my imposition could lead to a mutiny, I try to convince the crew that the girl is certainly of noble origin, certainly she has rich parents willing to pay a conspicuous ransom.
I use my universal stat, Animaloid (pangolin), so it’s a High Stat vs. High Threat test (equals) thus I need two successes to win.

Turn 1) Fail: The crew mumbles, someone claims that the hostages are all servants of an old noblewoman who died in the boarding
Turn 2) Success: I claim to have already met her at a ball at my father’s villa, and she  certainly was not one of the waitresses, most pirates believe me.
Turn 3) Success: I say that the noble features of the girl and her bearing betray her aristocratic origin, only a naive could believe the opposite and in my crew there are no naive. I add that I’m so sure of what I’m saying that I buy the hostage with half of my part of the booty as long as it will be spent by the crew in parties and revelries in the first friendly port we’ll find. The crew is conquered by my speech, I bring the girl in my cabin while the pirates dedicate me three hurray. I don’t care of the other hostages, I’m a tough pirate after all.

What will happen next? I’ll find out the next time. Ciao!

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Daily Quest number one

This is the report of my first adventure played with the Daily Quest system, it is a solo game with some elements of roleplaying. You can read about it here.
As a first adventure, I was inspired by the Shadow of War videogame.

Here are the preliminary data:

  • Setting: Shadow of War
  • Playing Character: Talion, Gondorian Ranger
  • Level: 1
  • Major Award: Drake Mount
  • Minor Award: Caragor Mount

Week #1:

  1. “Cross the besieging orcs front and enters the city of Minas Tirith” = 3 Golden Tokens
  2. “Climb to the top of the tower and purify it from the influence of Sauron” = 3 Golden Tokens
  3. “Capture an orc messenger and question him about the identity of his captain” = 2 Golden Tokens
  4. “Find Captain Gogok the Usurper and kill him” = 3 Golden Tokens
  5. “Eliminate 10 orc archers from the roofs” = 3 Golden Tokens
  6. “Destroy the orc siege engines and defeat the troll” = 3 Golden Tokens
  7. “Defend the citadel from the charge of the enemies” = 3 Golden Tokens

in this first week I did almost full score earning 20 Golden Tokens, this means that I got 3 Platinum Tokens (the maximum possible).

Week #2:

  1. “Find and free 10 Gondorian prisoners” = 2 Golden Tokens
  2. “Destroy the Uruk outpost” = 1 Golden Token
  3. “Solve the enigma of the door with the Ithildin poem” = 3 Golden Tokens
  4. “Subdue the ork captain Tuzbak One-Eye” = 1 Golden Token
  5. “Attack an ork supply convoy” = 1 Golden Token
  6. “Get intel from Shelob” = 3 Golden Tokens
  7. “Kill the orc captain Burgr The Impaler” = 3 Golden Tokens

I earned only 14 Golden Tokens in the second week,

this means 1 Platinum Token

Week #3:

  1. “Conquer the orc stronghold led by Gord Skullcrusher”= 3 Golden Tokens
  2. “Subdue Gord Skullcrusher”= 2 Golden Tokens
  3. “eliminate an orc flag-bearer to demoralize the enemies”= 3 Golden Tokens
  4. “Destroy a statue of Sauron”= 1 Golden Token
  5. “Cover the advance of the Gondorian warriors”= 3 Golden Tokens
  6. “Subdue a War Troll and send him against the orks”= 3 Golden Tokens
  7. “Defend the main bridge of Minas Tirith from the ork counterstrike”= 3 Golden Tokens

the third week was more fruitful with a gain of eighteen Golden Tokens, 2 more Platinum Tokens earned by Talion

Week #4:

  1. “Subdue the ork captain Tbuz Headhunter”= 3 Golden Tokens
  2. “With the help of Tbuz and his warriors, besiege the stronghold of Ruwk The Tyrant”= 3 Golden Tokens
  3. “Defeat Ruwk The Tyrant in a bloody duel”= 3 Golden Tokens
  4. “Face a Nazgul”= 3 Golden Tokens
  5. “Kill 3 ork champions silently”= 3 Golden Tokens
  6. “Besiege Sauron’s Stronghold”= 3 Golden Tokens
  7. “order the orc commanders under your control to rebel and start the civil war between orcs”= 3 Golden Tokens

The last week of this adventure was a complete success, every day I performed all the ten listed tasks for a total of 21 Golden Tokens. This means that Talion gets 3 Platinum Tokens, this week.
The adventure ended with zero wounds and a total of :

3+1+2+3 = 9 Platinum Tokens.
Adventure Passed!

Tallion reaches level 2 and gets a Caragor Mount as a reward.

That’s all for now but not all the adventures have gone so well …

more info about this setting : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle-earth:_Shadow_of_War

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astroHi, Folks!

These are the last days of #SGAM2017.
Besides the DAILY QUESTS game, I also wanted to participate with an actual play, especially because this year we want to remember +Zach Best (creator of UNE, CRGE and BOLD), who has recently passed away.

I decided to play an investigative adventure based on the scenario “Ripley and HAL”, with the following tools:

RPG: Risus
Solo Engine: Zathrum
Solo Tool: Zach Best’ UNE
Solo Tool: Nine Steps And A Bloody Heart (NSAABH)
Solo Tool: Random Names

I have not yet finished this actual play but I present here the cast of the characters.

I need the 5 crewmembers of the starship BOATSWAIN, one of them will be my PC, the others will be considered NPCs. According to the scenario crewmember #5 is the most appropriate character to be my PC.
First of all, I must assign the roles of each crew member, I decided to randomly determine their assignments now to speed up the procedure.
Assigments: Captain, 1st Officer, Medic, Engineer, Navigator.

Secondary Assignments: Pilot, Copilot, Paramedic, Technician, Sensor Ops.

Gender is also randomly determined.

The tool used is shown in bold in square brackets, in case of a random choice, the die used is shown.

Let’s begin with Crewmember #1:

Assignment [1d5]: Medic

Secondary Assignment [1d5]: Sensor Ops

Gender [1d2]: Male

[NSAABH] The Scenario says that this NPC is “Mr.Wrong”, that is a character with a wrong solution of the enigma.

[UNE] to have a description of the NPC I roll on d100 tables for Modifier and Noun: Alluring + Serf
[UNE] Relative Power : Slightly Weaker than my PC
[UNE] I roll for 3 motivations: Burden + Hardship, Hinder+Discrimination, Secure+Criminals

[Random Names] Normand Dayton
[Risus] Now I am ready to define the Cliches of the character:

crew1 Crewmember #1: Normand Dayton

Cliches: Fascinating and Humble Medic(4), Sensor Ops(2), Spacer(2), Human Rights Activist(1)

Description: son of two human rights activists, he grew up on earth in a humanitarian medical center to assist the survivors of the Swedish Civil War, that experience has led him to strongly oppose any form of injustice.

I use the same procedure for the other characters:


Assignment [1d4]: Navigator

Secondary Assignment [1d4]: Paramedic
Gender [1d2]: Female
[NSAABH] Mr.Maybe, she elaborates her own theory to solve the enigma, I’ll define this theory randomly during play.

[UNE] Modifier + Noun: Unsupportive+Traveller
[UNE] Relative Power : Comparable than my PC
[UNE] Motivations: Accompany+Expertise, Achieve+Harmony, Conquer+Military
[Random Names] Deanna Soto

crew2Crewmember #2: Deanna Soto
[Risus] Cliches: Navigator(4), Paramedic(3), Spacer(2), Martial Artist(1)

Description: Individualistic and competitive, she considers her current job  as a preliminary step to achieve her true goal, becoming a navigator officer in the military fleet. She eliminates stress practicing Taijiquan every morning. She secretly despises Amanda for her scarce ability



Assignment [1d3]: First Officer

Secondary Assignment [1d3]: Technician
Gender [1d2]: Female
[UNE] Modifier + Noun: Foulish+Tradesman
[UNE] Relative Power : much weaker than my PC
[UNE] Motivations: Suggest+Success, Detect + (Music, UNE says that I have to reroll) Disbelief, Distress+Cowardice
[Random Names] Amanda O’Brien

crew3Crewmember #3: Amanda O’Brien
[Risus] Cliches: Strong Willed First Officer(3), Cargo-Master(1), Technician(2), Spacer(2)

Description: Not particularly experienced, sometimes naive, she has managed to solve problems and make her career especially thanks to the relentless confidence in herself. She is often in contrast to Navigator Soto because she is aware of the contempt that Soto has for her.



Assignment [1d2]: Captain

Secondary Assignment [1d2]: Pilot
Gender [1d2]: Female

[UNE] Modifier + Noun: Pessimistic+Thug
[UNE] Relative Power : Slightly weaker than my PC
[UNE] Motivations: Steal+Prosperity, Depress+Nature, Accompany+Vigilance
[Random Names] Paulette Torres

crew4Crewmember #4: Paulette Torres
[Risus] Cliches: Captain(3), Pilot(3), Spacer(2), Colonist(1)

Description: Control freak, she comes from a poor family, worked on the terraformation of some planets, as a Captain she is often overpowering with her subordinates

Crewmember#5: (my PC)
Assignment: Engineer

Secondary Assignment: Copilot

Gender [1d2]: Male
[UNE] Modifier + Noun: Neglectful+Warrior
[UNE] Motivations: Overthrow+Enemies, Depress+Government, Establish+Propaganda
[Random Names] Victor Zimmerman

crew5Crewmember #5: Victor Zimmerman
[Risus] Cliches: Engineer(4), Copilot(3), Spacer(2), War Veteran(1)

Description: A former colonial marine, he survived a bloody battle on the planet Helepolis, that terrible experience has changed him deeply, he believes the generals were responsible for the death of his comrades. After the war, he followed various complottist and anarchist movements but this did not diminish his capacity as an engineer. It is absolutely determined not to lose any more battle.


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Hi Folks!

I do not think I can complete the adventure I had started  but I made a new game for #SGAM2017 !
It’s called DAILY QUESTS and was born thanks to ideas developed in the BuJoRPG game by DJ Allen, both games let you to gamify your daily schedule and make it more interesting.

Do you have any commitments that you have ever delayed? Now they could become Daily Quests.
At the end of the story, your character could complete the adventure, levels up and even gets fabulous additional awards, at the same time you would have easily completed a number of daily activities and have improved your life.

With DAILY QUESTS you create a Playing Character, set up an adventure and you are ready. For the next 4 weeks your PC will count on you to advance in the adventure!


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