Solo Mistery: “The Thing”


This is a scenario for Nine Steps And A Bloody Heart (NSAABH), free investigative tool to use with a “Solitaire RPG engine” of your choice, the adventure is based on the horror movie Carpenter’s The Thing. I suggest you use the d20 free supplement by Michael Tresca that you can download here.

update (11/12/2016): this scenario was developed for an earlier version of NSAABH with 6 element for every suit, now I fixed it 🙂

Scenario: THE THING:

Scientific American Outpost # 31 Base, Antarctica, 1982
A shape-shifting alien entered the base in the shape of a husky dog after killing all the members of a Norwegian base.
The shapeshifter can infect and take the place of any human or animal. You are MacReady, if you want to survive you must find out who among your companions is actually the thing from the outer world.

(Clubs) = Who is the alien?

  1. Dr. Blair
  2. Windows
  3. Palmer
  4. Dr. Copper
  5. a replica of MacReady!

(Diamonds) = What the alien wants to do after killing all those present?

  1. Awaken other aliens in the spaceship to infect all people and colonize the Earth
  2. Hibernate until Spring and then kill every human
  3. Return to the ship and reactivate it
  4. Absorb all the bodies of the victims and grow more
  5. Build a nest and lay her eggs

(Spades) = Where is the alien’s hideout?

  1. The Base kennel
  2. The crawler
  3. Tunnels under the warehouse
  4. Copper’s bedroom
  5. Blair’s laboratory

Surprise List:

  1. Slaughter of dogs
  2. Nauls murder
  3. Fuchs murder

Note: The solution is given by MacReady to the suspects in the Lounge before escaping and blowing up the base when the alien attacks!

D20 System is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast, Inc.©. The Thing is a trademark of Universal Pictures Inc. Copyright 1982 Universal Pictures Inc. (United States and Canada); All Rights Reserved. Trademarks and copyrights are cited in this document without permission. This usage is not meant in any way to challenge the rightful ownership of said trademarks/copyrights. All copyrights are acknowledged and remain the property of the owners.
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STAR WARS – Bivius Solo RPG -Part 1

Hallo, for the first adventure I’m gonna use the Star Wars setting, namely the Battle of Hoth (The Empire Strikes Back).
I want to use a character that I created for Star Wars D6 by WEG but the adventure will be fully run with Bivius Solo RPG.

 My Character (Bivius version):

Name:      Drom Raybender

High Level Stats: Rebel Trooper, Dexterity, Perception, Blaster, Grenade, Blaster-Artillery

Low Level Stats: Knowledge, Mechanical, Strength, Technical, Beast-Riding, Repulsorlift-Operation, Brawling, Demolition


  • Gender/Species: Male/Human
  • Age: 32 Height: 6 Weight: 160
  • Equipment: blaster rifle (BlasTech A280), blaster pistol (BlasTech DH-17), 4 grenades, comlink, microbinoculars, medpac, blast helmet, blast vest, alliance cold weather backpack and goggles
  • Background: veteran soldier born in Alderaan
  • Personality: served some time in prison, and whenever he is asked about it always tells a different story
  • Objectives: revenge for the destruction of his planet
  • Quote: “I’m taking you down, plastic boy!”

The original Star Wars D6 Character is here


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