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Some reflections on the categories of solo games

Hi folks! This is the #SGAM2017 month for the Lone Wolf Roleplaying G+ community and I hope to have time to publish an actual play as well, November is a very prolific month for discussion on solo games. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Ashrozz and Zychell the Blessed

Today I make two characters for Tunnels & Dragons: Let’s start with the Stats Procedure, as a tribute to OSR games I’ll use a multiple B.R.O. to determine the Stats: 1 d20 for Kinship, 1d12 for Class, 1d10 for Career, … Continue reading

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My Dice Tower: Picts & Sieges

(Picts vs Late Romans) Some of you might ignore what is a the dice tower: it’s a game tool to roll dices in an efficient and amusing way, a dice tower is a miniature hollowed tower with a couple or … Continue reading

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