Solo RPG Tips


Hi Folks!

If you too have had difficulty starting or completing a solo rpg adventure, here are some tips based on my experience:


Use a setting that you know well or based on a simple and accessible source such as a movie or a book, so it will be much easier to visualize the scenes and improvise something when necessary.


Once you have decided which setting to use, start the game as soon as possible, if instead you waste time trying to develop details, new rules, reading more manuals, etc. when you finish, the initial enthusiasm and curiosity will disappear (overthinking kills the creativity). If you, like me, change the setting and the genre often it may take longer to collect the necessary material, I suggest you at most 3 days from the initial idea and the beginning of the game


The Playing Character (or Characters) you will use in the adventure should be unique and detailed, it must be a character that you really want to play at that moment, not a placeholder just to start playing.


Once you’ve created your character always use that one until you change the setting or, unfortunately, he/she dies or retires. In this way the character will evolve and you will be more and more involved in his/her successes and misadventures.


Usually the plot is randomly created by combining rules and oracles but remember to start with something compelling and intense so as to feed the interest in continuing the adventure. What means ‘compelling’and ‘interesting’ depends on your tastes obviously, some are more intrigued by puzzles and secrets, others by dangers and battles.


If you decide to spend a part of your free time playing a solo adventure then avoid distractions from other pastimes, if there is a comic book, novel, game, TV series you want to see it’s better to finish the adventure first and think about them later.


Whatever game system you use, the game tools should be well kept and carefully stored.
If you use only software and pdf they should have their own folder, if you use old school material then the dice, character sheets, maps, cards etc. should be well kept and pleasant to see and use. This may seem like a negligible detail but it helps to keep you involved, the game sessions seem more ‘real’.

That’s all for this time

Remember that playing should never be a job to do, play only when and if you feel like doing it.

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1 Response to Solo RPG Tips

  1. Dan says:

    Some great tips here, particularly the point about starting the game as soon as possible. In my case work and other responsibilities often slow down the process of getting the game started, and this combined with overthinking the campaign means that I start to lose enthusiasm. I find that working on a campaign world map and coming up with good names takes up a lot of time. Three days sounds like a good time frame to aim for.

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