Daily Quest number one

This is the report of my first adventure played with the Daily Quest system, it is a solo game with some elements of roleplaying. You can read about it here.
As a first adventure, I was inspired by the Shadow of War videogame.

Here are the preliminary data:

  • Setting: Shadow of War
  • Playing Character: Talion, Gondorian Ranger
  • Level: 1
  • Major Award: Drake Mount
  • Minor Award: Caragor Mount

Week #1:

  1. “Cross the besieging orcs front and enters the city of Minas Tirith” = 3 Golden Tokens
  2. “Climb to the top of the tower and purify it from the influence of Sauron” = 3 Golden Tokens
  3. “Capture an orc messenger and question him about the identity of his captain” = 2 Golden Tokens
  4. “Find Captain Gogok the Usurper and kill him” = 3 Golden Tokens
  5. “Eliminate 10 orc archers from the roofs” = 3 Golden Tokens
  6. “Destroy the orc siege engines and defeat the troll” = 3 Golden Tokens
  7. “Defend the citadel from the charge of the enemies” = 3 Golden Tokens

in this first week I did almost full score earning 20 Golden Tokens, this means that I got 3 Platinum Tokens (the maximum possible).

Week #2:

  1. “Find and free 10 Gondorian prisoners” = 2 Golden Tokens
  2. “Destroy the Uruk outpost” = 1 Golden Token
  3. “Solve the enigma of the door with the Ithildin poem” = 3 Golden Tokens
  4. “Subdue the ork captain Tuzbak One-Eye” = 1 Golden Token
  5. “Attack an ork supply convoy” = 1 Golden Token
  6. “Get intel from Shelob” = 3 Golden Tokens
  7. “Kill the orc captain Burgr The Impaler” = 3 Golden Tokens

I earned only 14 Golden Tokens in the second week,

this means 1 Platinum Token

Week #3:

  1. “Conquer the orc stronghold led by Gord Skullcrusher”= 3 Golden Tokens
  2. “Subdue Gord Skullcrusher”= 2 Golden Tokens
  3. “eliminate an orc flag-bearer to demoralize the enemies”= 3 Golden Tokens
  4. “Destroy a statue of Sauron”= 1 Golden Token
  5. “Cover the advance of the Gondorian warriors”= 3 Golden Tokens
  6. “Subdue a War Troll and send him against the orks”= 3 Golden Tokens
  7. “Defend the main bridge of Minas Tirith from the ork counterstrike”= 3 Golden Tokens

the third week was more fruitful with a gain of eighteen Golden Tokens, 2 more Platinum Tokens earned by Talion

Week #4:

  1. “Subdue the ork captain Tbuz Headhunter”= 3 Golden Tokens
  2. “With the help of Tbuz and his warriors, besiege the stronghold of Ruwk The Tyrant”= 3 Golden Tokens
  3. “Defeat Ruwk The Tyrant in a bloody duel”= 3 Golden Tokens
  4. “Face a Nazgul”= 3 Golden Tokens
  5. “Kill 3 ork champions silently”= 3 Golden Tokens
  6. “Besiege Sauron’s Stronghold”= 3 Golden Tokens
  7. “order the orc commanders under your control to rebel and start the civil war between orcs”= 3 Golden Tokens

The last week of this adventure was a complete success, every day I performed all the ten listed tasks for a total of 21 Golden Tokens. This means that Talion gets 3 Platinum Tokens, this week.
The adventure ended with zero wounds and a total of :

3+1+2+3 = 9 Platinum Tokens.
Adventure Passed!

Tallion reaches level 2 and gets a Caragor Mount as a reward.

That’s all for now but not all the adventures have gone so well …

more info about this setting : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle-earth:_Shadow_of_War


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