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These are the last days of #SGAM2017.
Besides the DAILY QUESTS game, I also wanted to participate with an actual play, especially because this year we want to remember +Zach Best (creator of UNE, CRGE and BOLD), who has recently passed away.

I decided to play an investigative adventure based on the scenario “Ripley and HAL”, with the following tools:

RPG: Risus
Solo Engine: Zathrum
Solo Tool: Zach Best’ UNE
Solo Tool: Nine Steps And A Bloody Heart (NSAABH)
Solo Tool: Random Names

I have not yet finished this actual play but I present here the cast of the characters.

I need the 5 crewmembers of the starship BOATSWAIN, one of them will be my PC, the others will be considered NPCs. According to the scenario crewmember #5 is the most appropriate character to be my PC.
First of all, I must assign the roles of each crew member, I decided to randomly determine their assignments now to speed up the procedure.
Assigments: Captain, 1st Officer, Medic, Engineer, Navigator.

Secondary Assignments: Pilot, Copilot, Paramedic, Technician, Sensor Ops.

Gender is also randomly determined.

The tool used is shown in bold in square brackets, in case of a random choice, the die used is shown.

Let’s begin with Crewmember #1:

Assignment [1d5]: Medic

Secondary Assignment [1d5]: Sensor Ops

Gender [1d2]: Male

[NSAABH] The Scenario says that this NPC is “Mr.Wrong”, that is a character with a wrong solution of the enigma.

[UNE] to have a description of the NPC I roll on d100 tables for Modifier and Noun: Alluring + Serf
[UNE] Relative Power : Slightly Weaker than my PC
[UNE] I roll for 3 motivations: Burden + Hardship, Hinder+Discrimination, Secure+Criminals

[Random Names] Normand Dayton
[Risus] Now I am ready to define the Cliches of the character:

crew1 Crewmember #1: Normand Dayton

Cliches: Fascinating and Humble Medic(4), Sensor Ops(2), Spacer(2), Human Rights Activist(1)

Description: son of two human rights activists, he grew up on earth in a humanitarian medical center to assist the survivors of the Swedish Civil War, that experience has led him to strongly oppose any form of injustice.

I use the same procedure for the other characters:


Assignment [1d4]: Navigator

Secondary Assignment [1d4]: Paramedic
Gender [1d2]: Female
[NSAABH] Mr.Maybe, she elaborates her own theory to solve the enigma, I’ll define this theory randomly during play.

[UNE] Modifier + Noun: Unsupportive+Traveller
[UNE] Relative Power : Comparable than my PC
[UNE] Motivations: Accompany+Expertise, Achieve+Harmony, Conquer+Military
[Random Names] Deanna Soto

crew2Crewmember #2: Deanna Soto
[Risus] Cliches: Navigator(4), Paramedic(3), Spacer(2), Martial Artist(1)

Description: Individualistic and competitive, she considers her current job  as a preliminary step to achieve her true goal, becoming a navigator officer in the military fleet. She eliminates stress practicing Taijiquan every morning. She secretly despises Amanda for her scarce ability



Assignment [1d3]: First Officer

Secondary Assignment [1d3]: Technician
Gender [1d2]: Female
[UNE] Modifier + Noun: Foulish+Tradesman
[UNE] Relative Power : much weaker than my PC
[UNE] Motivations: Suggest+Success, Detect + (Music, UNE says that I have to reroll) Disbelief, Distress+Cowardice
[Random Names] Amanda O’Brien

crew3Crewmember #3: Amanda O’Brien
[Risus] Cliches: Strong Willed First Officer(3), Cargo-Master(1), Technician(2), Spacer(2)

Description: Not particularly experienced, sometimes naive, she has managed to solve problems and make her career especially thanks to the relentless confidence in herself. She is often in contrast to Navigator Soto because she is aware of the contempt that Soto has for her.



Assignment [1d2]: Captain

Secondary Assignment [1d2]: Pilot
Gender [1d2]: Female

[UNE] Modifier + Noun: Pessimistic+Thug
[UNE] Relative Power : Slightly weaker than my PC
[UNE] Motivations: Steal+Prosperity, Depress+Nature, Accompany+Vigilance
[Random Names] Paulette Torres

crew4Crewmember #4: Paulette Torres
[Risus] Cliches: Captain(3), Pilot(3), Spacer(2), Colonist(1)

Description: Control freak, she comes from a poor family, worked on the terraformation of some planets, as a Captain she is often overpowering with her subordinates

Crewmember#5: (my PC)
Assignment: Engineer

Secondary Assignment: Copilot

Gender [1d2]: Male
[UNE] Modifier + Noun: Neglectful+Warrior
[UNE] Motivations: Overthrow+Enemies, Depress+Government, Establish+Propaganda
[Random Names] Victor Zimmerman

crew5Crewmember #5: Victor Zimmerman
[Risus] Cliches: Engineer(4), Copilot(3), Spacer(2), War Veteran(1)

Description: A former colonial marine, he survived a bloody battle on the planet Helepolis, that terrible experience has changed him deeply, he believes the generals were responsible for the death of his comrades. After the war, he followed various complottist and anarchist movements but this did not diminish his capacity as an engineer. It is absolutely determined not to lose any more battle.



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