Hi Folks!

I do not think I can complete the adventure I had started  but I made a new game for #SGAM2017 !
It’s called DAILY QUESTS and was born thanks to ideas developed in the BuJoRPG game by DJ Allen, both games let you to gamify your daily schedule and make it more interesting.

Do you have any commitments that you have ever delayed? Now they could become Daily Quests.
At the end of the story, your character could complete the adventure, levels up and even gets fabulous additional awards, at the same time you would have easily completed a number of daily activities and have improved your life.

With DAILY QUESTS you create a Playing Character, set up an adventure and you are ready. For the next 4 weeks your PC will count on you to advance in the adventure!


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1 Response to DAILY QUESTS

  1. Tarcisio Lucas says:

    Just perfect! Simple and full of possibilities.


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