Some reflections on the categories of solo games


Hi folks!

This is the #SGAM2017 month for the Lone Wolf Roleplaying G+ community and I hope to have time to publish an actual play as well, November is a very prolific month for discussion on solo games.
I’ve been thinking about it and I decided to trying to make it clear on the various categories of solo rules.

Of course this is a personal opinion but still based on the analysis of a fair amount of games. This is not a comprehensive treatise on the subject, but only a series of reflections to be discussed.

SOLO RPG: A complete solo rpg system. A rule system that incorporates a solo engine, character generation and tests. This category includes ‘solo friendly’ RPGs that can be also be played with GM+player(s)

Examples: Quill, Bivius, Scarlet Heroes, Four Against Darkness, Untold, Sword of the Skull Takers etc.

SOLO ENGINE: a rule system that allows to play a specific or any RPGs in solo mode, it is not a complete Solo RPG.

Examples: Mythic GME, Miso, Zathrum, Oculus, CRGE, Tiny Solitary Soldiers etc.

SOLO TOOL: Rule systems that add details to a solo game.

Examples: UNE, NSAABH etc.

USEFUL TOOLS: Rules not specifically created for solo rpgs but still useful.

Examples: GM advices, Random generators

1) Is an oracle a solo engine?
No it isn’t.

An oracle (tarots for example) can be a solo tool for a solo game, using only an oracle as a solo engine to me is more creative writing that solo roleplaying, an oracle can be considered a solo engine if there is a specific procedure (rules) to use it to run a solo adventure.

2)What if a Solo Engine has no specific oracle?
Still Solo Engines.

For example Perilous Intersections and 9Qs don’t have a specific oracle but suggest to choose between ‘external’ oracles, so to speak.
Are they Solo Engine or Solo Tool? I think that they are solo engines because an oracle is really useful in a solo game but it is not mandatory.


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