A Talk with an NPC, a solo example


How to play a long and interactive dialogue with an NPC in a solo RPG scene?

This is one example.

dice rolls:http://a.teall.info/dice/
oracle: FU table from FU
word randomizer: http://creativitygames.net/random-word-generator/randomwords/1

GENRE: standard fantasy

PC: Zaldorr (generic warrior with a broken spear, hunted by the devilmonkeys, needs a job)

NPC: Yktan (silk merchant of Lost Port, bald and fat, streetwise)

PLACE: Yktan’s office
I have no other idea about the setting and no plot
Let’s start talking with Yktran.

Zaldorr bows awkwardly in front of the merchant and asks for a moment to discuss a deal.

Is Yktran well disposed? NO AND 

The merchant beckons to his bodyguard to drive the warrior

Zaldor resists and says, “I was told that Yktran has a nose for a good deal but I was wrong”

is Yktran intrigued? YES BUT not impressed

Yktran: “you’re not wrong but you do not look to offer me anything interesting”

Zaldor has been guarding the caravan before? NO
Zaldor has experience of the sea? YES AND he commanded a trireme at war

Zaldor: “I can take one of your carracks in every port of the four kingdoms, without any losses”

is Yktran impressed? NO.
random word = handkerchief

Yktran: “really? Big words for a warrior with a broken spear and wearing only rags, I would not trust you to transport a single one of my handkerchiefs of the worst spidersilk”

random words = juice + prison

Zaldor: “I’ve not been lucky in the South but before I commanded a trireme at the Battle of Bloody Captor”

Yktran knows the battle? YES
Yktran you impressed? YES
random word = cocktail

Yktran (to a servant): “Take us to drink, quick!”
Yktran: “An epic victory against the Necromancer’s fleet, if what you say is true it might be worth listening to what you offer me”
Zaldor: “Myself. You will not find a ship captain most skilled and at a lower price than me”

Yktran needs a captain? NO
random word = warehouse
Yktran needs to protect his warehouse? NO

Yktran: “hmmmm … my carracks are far away, my warehouses are empty at the time, I’m waiting for the arrival of a new load of silk tapestries not earlier than 2 months”

random word = graffiti

While the servant returned with a tray of drinks, the merchant makes a pause for reflection
Yktran: “You’ve never been to the Painted Tower?”

was Zaldor there before? NO BUT

Zaldor: “I’m new in town but I’ve heard something about it from some fishermen at the pier”

random word = tyre (LOL)

Yktran: “It is the home of Gytu, The Tired Wizard”

does Yktran want to hire Zalkor for a dirty job? NO
Yktran friends with Gytu? YES AND they are brothers
random word = pilot

Yktran: “The honorable Gytu is studying an old portolan and needs someone who is familiar with the charts to decipher it, you have experience as a pilot?”

did Zaldor work as a ship’s pilot? YES BUT only as an apprentice for a short time
(I decide to lie)

Zaldor: “I’m a skilled pilot, I can read any map and set a course blindfolded and with one hand tied behind my back, sir !!”

Does Yktran totally believe the warrior? (Unlikely -2) NO
Does Yktran get angry? YES BUT doesnt let him see
random word = shoes

Yktran: “Very well then. I’ll write a letter in your favor for dear Gytu but first we have to give thanks to the gods, come with me”
Yktran leads Zaldor  into a shrine dedicated to the worship of the 123 idols of Zxwoo, he bows and whispers to Zaldor: “Take off your shoes before you enter and pray with me”

Does Zaldor note that Yktran did not believe him? NO AND thinks the merchant is charmed by his words

Zaldor follows the merchant 

Is Yktran after (1d6) five minutes asking something? NO
random word = spit (!)
random word = tax

Yktran softly begins to invoke the wrath of Zxwhoo against the tax collectors of the city, the ritual forces Zaldor to pray for (1d6) 2 hours,
the merchant is sure that the gods will punish his enemies and also they teach Zaldor to hold his tongue in front of a silk merchant.


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