NSAABH: Skin-doll Hunter

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This is another scenario for a NSAABH (Nine Steps And A Bloody Heart) investigative solo adventure, to play you need a suitable RPG system of your choice. It’s obviously inspired by Philip Dick’s “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” novel , Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner movie and the videogame Blade Runner (1997).

You can download NSAABH here

Scenario: “In a cyberpunk metropolis genetically engineered creatures usually called ‘skin-dolls’ are produced as workers for space stations. Recently a group of rebel skin-dolls tried to kill Herbert Capek, Managing Director of the main clone manufacturing corporation. You are an agent of the Police Special Clone Hunting Unit and you have a list of the names of four skin-dolls, prevent their criminal plan and ‘retire’ them…”


  • (Clubs) : Who is the leader of the rebel clones? Where is he/she hiding?
  • (Diamonds) : What they want to accomplish?
  • (Spades): Which special system they want to use?

Clubs: Who is the leader of the rebel clones? (Where is he/she hiding?)
1) Zelda, stripper (Blue Snake Bar)
2) Sergei, metalworker (his hotel room)
3) Anne, nurse (Valis Hospital)
4) Roy, soldier (Isidore Tower rooftop)
5) Roy, soldier (Zelda’s apartment)

Diamonds:  : What they want to accomplish?
1) Killing Capek for revenge
2) Kidnapping Capek
3) Destroying the clone project
4) Killing every skin-doll hunter
5) Creating an undergound organization to help fugitive clones


Spades: Which special system they want to use?
1) Gas bombs
2) Dr. Chen’s help
3) Deadly clone animals
4) Hacking software
5) Global blackout

1) Skin-doll Hunter Santiago wounded
2) Dr. Chen murdered
3) Someone breaks into your apartment

Mr Maybe: Skin-doll Hunter Santiago


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