NSAABH: Ripley and HAL


This is a scenario for a NSAABH (Nine Steps And A Bloody Heart) investigative solo adventure, to play you need a suitable RPG system (Traveller, FATE, etc.)

You can download NSAABH here


Scenario: “You are one of the 5 crewmembers of the space tanker Boatswain, the ship AI awakens the crew from cryo-stasis. The ship is in quarantine, the AI states there are traces of alien DNA on board. The nearest base is too far to receive a distress signal and no other ship is in range. Hand scanners don’t reveal anything relevant but the computer takes full control of the ship and turns off the life systems. Wearing your spacesuits you and your crewmates have 3 hours of life support to save your life”


  • (Clubs) Why the computer has gone crazy?
  • (Diamonds) How can you take back control of your ship?
  • (Spades)Where is the only place to do it?
Clubs Diamonds Spades
1) Hacked by a rival corporation 1) Destroy the computer database 1) Ship’s Safeboat
2) Short circuit 2) Convince the AI the biohazard is over 2) Engine Room
3) Accidentally infected by a crewmeber videogame 3) Isolate the AI and activate the auxiliary computer 3) Infirmary
4) Sabotaged by crewmember #3 4) Override the quarantine protocols 4) Main Bridge
5) A dangerous alien is destroying circuits with an acid slime. 5) Overload the AI imput channels and force a reboot of the system 5) Cryogenic Chamber

Surprise List
1) The AI sings the song “Daisy Bell” every 5 minutes
2) Crewmember #3 is a malfuctioning android and kills crewmember #4
3) Artificial gravity disabled

Mr Wrong: crewmember #1
Mr Maybe: crewmember #2


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