Bivius Pulp: Chapter Two



Hallo folks! Sorry for the delay, I had very little time to write and translate this chapter, I’m trying to imitate the stereotyped characters and the flat dialogue of movie serials of the 30’s and 40′. I plan to continue the series until the end of the 12 chapters, it will take a lot of time but I’m enjoying myself to follow these first moves of the story.What are those metal boxes? What is Siefer doing? I have deliberately kept some elements of the story undefined because I want to discover them little by little.

you can read the previous chapter here

Chapter 2 : AT DANGER’S CALL

In the previous Episode:
It’s 1936. The men of the secret organization Dark Ring commit crimes to get hold of mysterious metal boxes. Aboard the Zeppelin “HERREIHOFFEN”, Comet Telamon and his sidekick Vernon try to stop them, but in the fight Comet  is pushed out of the airship falling down without a parachute.

Scene 0): Cliffhanger Solution:
A movie serial hero always survives a Cliffhanger, so why doing a test?
Because if the hero passes the test, he can saves himself from danger in a heroic and spectacular way
but if he fails then the Cliffhanger solution will be more mundane and less satisfactory for the audience (eg Deus Ex Machina).
In a Movie Serial the solution was fast therefore I will solve the Cliffhanger with a test with Pulp Hero stat vs Low Level Threat (contest between unequals).
Now the solution.
[Option A: Comet reaches the thug who has parachuted, fights and lands with him, detail: the villain is killed with his own knife]
[Option B: Comet managed at the last moment to cling to the edge of the cargohold door, detail: torn jacket]
[1d6 roll = 6 ie Option A] success, nice 🙂

Comet is falling to the ground but he manages to keep calm, he sees under him the waiter’s parachute opens
then the hero reaches the agent of the Dark Ring and grabs him by the straps.
They fight in air, the ground is fast approaching, the heavy tries to hit Comet with the knife, but the hero deflects the blow to the attacker and kills him.
The two land in a cornfield. Comet is unscathed and looks over him the giant airboat that slowly flies away.

Few quick questions:
[Quick Question: “This second metal box has been lost during the fight?”]
[1d6 roll = 1, NO]
[Quick Question: “Is the box locked?”]
[1d6 roll = 6, YES]
[Quick Question: “Have the two heavies on the airship been arrested?”]
[1d6 roll = 3, NO]

Comet searches the corpse and collects the box then he goes to a nearby farm to call the authorities.
Meanwhile on the airship, Vernon, though injured, had immobilized the two robbers and raised the alarm. The captain of the LZ 411 HERREIHOFFEN reports the emergency to the police by radio. But it’s too late, the two agents of the Dark Ring have ingested the poison hidden in dental capsules to avoid being questioned.

Scene 1)
[Option A: Telamon is warned by Police Chief Osborne that one of his ships was attacked, detail: Telamon is doing something unusual]
[Option B: Farris delivers the first metal box, detail: someone is horribly punished]
B.R.O. establishes what happens
[1d6 roll = 3 ie Option B]
I have to find out where Farris and his accomplices go
[Option A: a luxurious villa in the hills, detail: it has a large stable]
[Option B: an abandoned  textile factory, detail: a floor of the building is full of mannequins]
[1d6 roll = 3 again, ie Option B]

A black Studebaker Dictator, carrying two men, stops in front of the rusty gate of a ruined factory, after a moment the four-door sedan is swallowed by the ground. A hydraulic platform gently deposited it in an underground road, the car continues into the tunnel while the platform goes back to its place in the driveway. After a few minutes, in an office under the factory, the chrome box is placed on a desk by Farris huge hands.

[Quick Question: “Does Farris hand the box to the master-villain Seifer?”]
[1d6 roll = 4 ie YES]


(Cornelius Seifer)

photo credit: twm1340 Bela Lugosi via photopin (license)

On the other side of the table a man of narrow shoulders and deep voice sits in the shadows, he pulls a key from his pocket and opens the box. With a sinister smile he checks the content: “Well done, my friend …Have you encountered obstacles?”
Farris: “Everything went smoothly, boss. I only had to eliminate two meddlers. This weapon is great”

What kind of weapon Farris used?
[Option A: poison dart pistol, detail: it’s a quick draw sleeve gun]
[Option B: electric zap pistol, detail: Flash Gordon style]
[1d6 roll = 2 ie A]

With a movement the giant assassin triggers the mechanism in his right sleeve and a small dart gun instantly appears in his hand.
A weapon silent and dangerous as a hidden cobra.
Seifers penetrating eyes reveal his impatience: “I’m glad to hear it, but now follow me, we have to finish a job.”
They go into another room where a man is tied to a chair.

Who is the poor fellow?
[Option A: the agent responsible for the failed operation on the Zeppelin, detail: he was beaten up]
[Option B: a kidnapped scientist, detail: he is very old and scared]
[1d6 roll = 4 ie A]
I have to find out what kind of horrible punishment Seifers want to give to him
[Option A: trapdoor over a vat of acid, detail: the acid is a green liquid solvent]
[Option B: the infamous giant pendulum, detail: the victim is tied to a medical examination table]
[1d6 roll = 6 ie A]

Seifers: “Repeat once again what happened on the airship!”
The beaten up man: “Our agents were on board…. and the box was retrieved….. then they were assaulted. The police reported that all three are dead….. It was not my fault, sir!”
Seifers: “And the box? the box???”
“I… I…don’t know, I think the police did not have it… the attackers must have taken it! Please, sir… I can find them and retrieve the box”
Seifers: “Too late my friend, you’ve bought tickets to the airship, you are compromised and you will be eliminated!”

The evil mastermind lowers a metal switch on the wall and a trapdor opens above the chair of the prisoner.
The man falls in a vat of solvent used to dye fabrics. His screams last for less than a minute while his body rapidly vanishes in the green boiling acid.
Seifers closes the trap door and orders Farris: “Find the missing box, there is no time to request a new one!”

Scene 2)
[Option A: in Telamon’s  apartment, Kathy visits Vernon & Comet , details: the witness contacted Kathy. Chief Osborne has the metal box]
[Option B: In the labs of Bright Comet Enterprises, Comet analyzes the metal box, detail: the lock is uncommon]
B.R.O. establishes what happens
[1d6 roll =  4 ie Option A]

In the apartment on the ninety-ninth floor of Telamon Building, Vernon comes out of his room trudging on crutches.
he has a bandaged leg because of the deep knife wound he received. Comet and his girlfriend Kathy are sitting at the fireplace, Comet asks: “How do you feel, Vernon?”
“The leg still hurts but I have nothing that will not heal in a couple of days. Hallo Kathy”
“Hallo, Vernon” the beautiful blonde smiles
Vernon: “Do we know what’s in the box?”
Comet: “Not yet, the forensic police is still working, it seems that the lock is a booby-trap”
Vernon: “Now what? we wait?”
Kathy: “Not necessarily, I came here because I received a strange phone call to the office. A witness said he saw the man who killed  the two sailors of the EMPRESS and stole the other metal box. I have to go to the port to meet the witness at Joe’s Diner”
Comet: “I come with you, Kathy. Vernon you stay here and rest.”
Vernon: “But…”
Comet: “Someone has to be here just in case… Bye”

Scene 3) Cliffhanger

[Option A: The appointment is at a diner near the pier, when Comet and Kathy arrive the witness is killed by a stranger who then shoots the protagonists, detail: the stranger is wearing a gas mask ][Option B: Comet is driving his roadster to the port with Kathy when a truck tries to send the car off the road, detail: nightime and the road is on the hills]
B.R.O. establishes what happens
[1d6 roll =  1 ie Option B]
The powerful engine of Duesemberg SSJ roadster murmurs in the night when Comet looks in the rearview mirror and says to Kathy: “Someone is following us”. A big truck is approaching curve after curve, the road is downhill and winds through the hills.
Kathy says: “he is reaching us!”
Comet pushes the accelerator, the car runs fast but from the truck a gloved hand points a gun and shoots several times. One of the rear tires of the white roadster explodes and Comet can not steer in time!!!


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Names randomly generated in various ways including this online generator:
The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

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2 Responses to Bivius Pulp: Chapter Two

  1. Tarcisio Lucas says:

    Man, I am really interested in this story…Did you play more chapters????
    Your BIVIUS is amazing, I am a huge fan of your system (and Zathrum equally). It helps me a lot with my solo roleplay


    • lostpangolin says:

      Hi!, thank you and sorry for the delay, yes I planned to complete the Comet Telamon adventure but while playing I developed some specific rules for the pulp genre that I want to publish here probably in september. Future chapters of Telamon series will follow the pulp sourcebook. stay tuned! bye 🙂


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