Bivius Pulp: Chapter One


Chapter 1 :  THE AIR PIRATES

Scene 1):
[Option A: Telamon and Vernon pilot a seaplane when they see a large shape beneath the sea, detail: the airplane is a prototype]
[Option B: The bad guys killed two sailors in the hold of a freighter and flee, detail: the bodies have a strange smell]
B.R.O. establishes what happens
[1d6 roll = 3, ie Option B]
Quick Question: “More than one killer?”]
[Pull the d6 = 1 ie NO]
[Quick Question: “he is Farris?”]
[Pull the d6 = 4 ie YES]
I assume that the killer needs an accomplice to escape
[Quick Question: “it is night?”]
[Pull the d6 = 6 ie YES]

November 1936, the city’s port docks.
In the hold of the merchant ship “EMPRESS” just returned from Europe, a sailor makes his way through the rows of wooden crates,
“Hey Jerry, where are you? The Captain wants you on the bridge, Jerry!”, the sailor’s flashlight illuminates only a portion of the immense dark belly of the ship, projecting long shadows everywhere. A strange sweet smell lingers in the still air of the hold.
“JERRY !!!!”
The sailor sees the lifeless body of his friend on the ground, from the darkness appears the shape of a giant with
a grinning face, after an instant the second sailor falls down dead!
The giant grabs a small metal box with his gloved hands and climbs silently a nearby ladder.

[Quick Question: “someone sees Farris?”]
[Pull the d6 = 4 ie YES]

The intruder, arrived on the main deck, approaches quietly to the anchor chain and lets himself down with the metal box tied to the belt.
From the window of a nearby ship someone sees him in the light of a street lamp. Farris moves away from the pier and gets in a car that runs off into the night. When the alarm is given it is too late.

Scene 2)
The heroes have to react.
[Option A: Chief Osborne asks Comet and the other heroes to assist him in the difficult investigations, detail: other mysterious thefts in the city]
[Option B: Comet and Vernon discover other enemies doing a burglary, details: heroes are back from a trip]
B.R.O. establishes what is happening.
[ 1d6 roll = 1 ie Option B]

Where the encounter takes place?
[Option A: on a China Clipper plane, detail: Comet & Vernon are returning from a trip to Borneo]
[Option B: aboard a Zeppelin, detail: Comet & Vernon are returning from a scientific mission on the Swiss Alps]
[ 1d6 roll = 5 ie Option B]

The passenger airship “LZ 411 HERREIHOFFEN” is flying over the North American coast coming from Europe. The four powerful engines are humming faintly.

In the luxurious passenger lounge, sitting on elegant aluminum chairs, the well-known millionaire Thomas “Comet” Telamon and his loyal assistant Vernon Fisher are sipping their cocktails. Vernon is uncomfortable.
Comet: “Are you OK?” Vernon: “I do not like this place and these fancy clothes”.
Comet:”After two weeks to dig in that glacier in the Alps we deserve some luxury. Relax and think that we have crossed the Atlantic in just three days. Kate sent me a strange telegram to Geneva and I…”
The fearless hero interrupts his sentence unfinished, his hawk eyes have noticed something unusual. A waiter walks nervously to a backdoor, his white uniform can not conceal the straps of a parachute. Comet nods to Vernon. The two heroes follow the suspect.

The airship internal parts are off limits to passengers, I have to check if someone notices the two heroes.
[Quick Question: “someone notices C&V?”]
[Pull the d6 = 1 ie NO]

The two protagonists silently follow the waiter along narrow corridors without anyone discovers them. The airship is approaching arrival and the majority of the crew is working elsewhere.

Where is the waiter going?
[Option A: a cargo hold, detail: a crate with inside the metal box]
[Option B: one of the rear engine, detail: hidden compartment with the metal box]
[ 1d6 roll = 4 ie Option A]

The waiter enters a hold, then Comet and Vernon hear someone speaking softly.
The two heroes observe the inside of the room.

[ 1d6 roll = 3 ie Threat Level: Low]
Normally heavies (aka thugs) are from 2 to 6, if the threat level is low, I establish that they are in 3: the waiter and two standard heavies.


The waiter looks at the two men in dark suits are forcing a crate. One of the ‘heavies’ has a aviator cap and goggles, he uses a crowbar to smash the crate, inside there is a metal box. The waiter orders to open the cargohold door. Then the engine noise gets louder.

I want to stop them but how do it, since we can not use firearms because of the hydrogen tanks that fill the majority of the airship?


Comet suddenly enters into the hold and plunges against the two heavies while Vernon pushes aside the waiter

Comet uses Pulp Hero (High Stat) against the two heavies (Low Threat): Test Between Unequals.
Comet is the stronger, he needs one success to win.
[Option A: test passed, detail: judo move ]
[Option B: test failed, detail: crowbar from behind]
[ 1d6 roll = 3 ie Option B] Oh, boy.
Comet hits hard the two heavies with his powerful punches, he disarms one of the opponents, but the other thug strikes Comet with the crowbar from behind. The hero falters.

Vernon uses Boxer (Low Stat) against the waiter(Low Threat): Test Between Equals. Two successes to win.
[Option A: Waiter stunned, detail: Waiter slowed by the straps]
[Option B: Vernon in trouble, detail: Waiter with a switchblade]
[ 1d6 roll  = 1 ie Option B] damn.

The waiter pulls out a switchblade.
Vernon moves back to avoid the knife but gets banged hard in the corridor out of the hold.

Vernon against the waiter:
[Option A: Waiter stunned, detail: Waiter slowed by the straps]
[Option B: Vernon wounded with the knife, detail: Waiter laughs]
[ 1d6 roll  = 2 ie Option A]

Vernon leaps forward again and punch the waiter with a perfect hook. The opponent falls back stunned

Vernon against the waiter:
[Option A: Waiter defeated, detail: he collapses next to the wall]
[Option B: Vernon wounded with the knife, detail: Waiter laughs]
[ 1d6 roll  = 3 ie Option B]

The waiter is a good fighter and before Vernon punches him again, he hits the hero’s right leg with the sharp blade of his knife. Vernon tries in vain to maintain the balance but he falls to his knees. Then a kick in the face puts Vernon down. The winner laughs.

Meanwhile Comet uses Pulp Hero against the two heavies
[Option A: Comet wins the fight, detail: one of the opponent says something interesting]
[Option B: Comet defeated, detail: waiter uses a garrote]
[ 1d6 roll  = 6 ie Option A] finally.

Comet’s steel body allows him to withstand the impact of the iron bar, he strikes precisely the attacker’s face with a powerful blow with the elbow. The first thug gets up and slams Comet against the wall but the hero puts him down with a right-left combination.
He has just enough time to hear the warning cry of Vernon before……

Scene 3) Cliffhanger:
OK, we are ready for the end of the chapter:
[Option A: A time bomb is clicking inside a crate!! detail: the three heavies jump off the blimp]
[Option B: Comet falls down with no parachute, detail: the waiter jumps off laughing]
[ 1d6 roll = 3 ie Option B]

The waiter took off his jacket revealing his parachute, he grabs the box, says: “You cannot stop the Dark Ring! Ah! Ah ! Ah!” and throws himself into the void pushing Comet with him.

Comet Telamon is falling into the void without a parachute !!!



Note: Names randomly generated in various ways including this online generator:
The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

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