Bivius Pulp: Characters


Hi folks, I completed the main characters of this adventure, they were created following the typical stereotypes of the vintage movie serials. I’m going to set the story exactly 80 years ago: November 1936.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Cast:

The Hero:  [Option A: the strong and daring hero, Doc Savage style, detail: uses many gadgets]

High Level Stats: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Health, Pulp Hero
Low Level Stats:  Willpower, Charisma, Millionaire, Explorer, Hard Hat Diver
Gender: Male, Dark Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Age: 33 Height: 6 Weight: 170
Equipment: Colt 38 Super, he wears a gray suit and fedora, purple tie.
Gadgets: Mini Grenades, Armored Roadster, Special Autogyro
Disadvantages: Code of Honor
Background:  Founder of “Bright Comet Enterprises”, millionaire and philanthropist, he dedicates his life to exploring the wildest places on the planet and to finance prodigious inventions. Along with his friends and associates he fights the enemies of freedom wherever they are hiding.

The Sidekick:  [Option B: Aviator, former boxer detail: as Charles Bronson]

High Level Stats: Strength, Dexterity, Health, Willpower, Aviator
Low Level Stats:  Intelligence, Charisma, Boxer
Gender: Male, Black Hair, Blue Eyes, Age: 36 Height: 6,1 Weight: 200
Equipment: revolver S&W M1917, he wears a dark red shirt, brown trousers and brown wool ivy cap
Background: grew up in the slums, Vernon fought many illegal boxing matches with bare hands until he volunteered in WW1 as a pilot. At the end of the war he went into hiding from a gang of criminals who wanted to force him to resume his boxing career , Talmon saved Vernon and recruited him as a test pilot of his prototypes.

The Girl: [Option A: reporter, detail: as Gwyneth Paltrow]

High Level Stats: Intelligence, Health, Willpower, Charisma, Journalist
Low Level Stats:  Strength, Dexterity, Stealth, Horsemanship
Gender: Female, Blonde Hair, Green Eyes, Age: 27 Height: 5.9  Weight: 124
Equipment:  black leather handbag, folding camera, pencil, notebook, W-E doric fountain pen, silver lighter and cigarette case, she wears a light brown tailleur and black fedora
Background: resourceful and beautiful journalist of the newspaper “Century Herald”, girlfriend of Comet Telamon and niece of police chief Osborne.

The Old Timer: [Option B: police commissioner, detail: as George Gaynes]

Name:    Chief  IRVINE OSBORNE
High Level Stats: Health, Willpower, Charisma, Police Commissioner
Low Level Stats:  Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence
Gender: Male, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Age: 58
Equipment: uniform, Colt Detective Special
Background: Chief of Police Departiment of the unnamed city, honest, willing but a little absent-minded.

The Master Villain:  [Option B: foreign spy, detail: as Bela Lugosi]

High Level Stats: Intelligence, Willpower, Charisma, Spymaster
Low Level Stats:  Strength, Dexterity, Health, Gadgeteer, Languages, Hypnosis
Gender: Male, Black Hair, Black Eyes, Age: 54
Equipment: black suit, walking stick with silver handle in the shape of an eagle head, Browning Mle 1910
Background: Leader of the “The Dark Ring”, he is a cunning and ruthless spymaster sent by an evil european empire

The Strong Heavy:  [Option B: fearless Gangster, detail: chewing tobacco]

Name:    Jack Farris
High Level Stats: Strength, Health, Willpower, Gangster
Low Level Stats:  Dexterity, Intelligence, Charisma, Swimming
Gender: Male, Bald, Brown Eyes, Age: 38 Height: 6,3 Weight: 250
Equipment: blackjack or Colt M1911, tobacco, dark blue suit, black fedora, black sedan
Background: former smuggler and assassin of exceptional strength, recruited in the organization of enemy saboteurs “The Dark Ring”

Names randomly generated in various ways including this online generator:
The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

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