Bivius Pulp: Introduction



I’m going to play a pulp adventure in the style of the movie serials of the 30s
What I will use:
1) Bivius rpg
2) a green 1d6

The idea is to create a typical character from the movie serials and its standard structure :
12 short chapters, each ending in a cliffhanger where the hero always comes out alive.

Creation of the cast:
I will use the following stats: 6 attributes, a profession and some special skills for a total of:
10 stats for the hero and the master villain, 6-8 for the others
B.R.O. establishes the option to use.

The hero:
[Option A: the strong and daring hero, Doc Savage style, detail: uses many gadgets]
[Option B: the masked avenger, The Shadow style, detail: has an esoteric power]
[I roll the d6 = 4, ie Option A]

The sidekick: (supporter character)
[Option A: Driver, former circus acrobat, detail: as Danny Kaye ]
[Option B: Aviator, former boxer detail: as Charles Bronson]
[I roll the d6 = 3, ie Option B]

The girl: (supporter character)
[Option A: reporter, detail: as G. Paltrow]
[Option B: secretary, detail: as Betty Page]
[I roll the d6 = 6, ie Option A]

The old timer: (supporter character)
[Option A: scientist and inventor, detail: as Ian McKellen]
[Option B: police commissioner, detail: as George Gaynes]
[I roll the d6 = 3, ie Option B]

The master villain:
[Option A: masked villain, detail: voice deformed with a microphone]
[Option B: foreign spy, detail: as Bela Lugosi]
[I roll the d6 = 1, ie Option B]

The strong heavy: (leader of the minions)
[Option A: Spy & dark lady, detail: she uses a french knife-gun]
[Option B: fearless Gangster, detail: chewing tobacco]
[I roll the d6 = 1, ie Option B]

Now I define more stuff for the settings:

The evil gadget:
[Option A: death ray, detail: generates a thunderstorm over the target a few seconds before the strike]
[Option B: special zeppelin, detail: equipped with smoke generators]
[I roll the d6 = 2, ie Option A]

The city + the PC’s HQs:
[Option A: New York, detail: the base is hidden under Central Park]
[Option B: a nameless metropolis, detail: the base is a skyscraper]
[I roll the d6 = 5, ie Option B]


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