STAR WARS – Bivius Solo RPG -Part 1

Hallo, for the first adventure I’m gonna use the Star Wars setting, namely the Battle of Hoth (The Empire Strikes Back).
I want to use a character that I created for Star Wars D6 by WEG but the adventure will be fully run with Bivius Solo RPG.

 My Character (Bivius version):

Name:      Drom Raybender

High Level Stats: Rebel Trooper, Dexterity, Perception, Blaster, Grenade, Blaster-Artillery

Low Level Stats: Knowledge, Mechanical, Strength, Technical, Beast-Riding, Repulsorlift-Operation, Brawling, Demolition


  • Gender/Species: Male/Human
  • Age: 32 Height: 6 Weight: 160
  • Equipment: blaster rifle (BlasTech A280), blaster pistol (BlasTech DH-17), 4 grenades, comlink, microbinoculars, medpac, blast helmet, blast vest, alliance cold weather backpack and goggles
  • Background: veteran soldier born in Alderaan
  • Personality: served some time in prison, and whenever he is asked about it always tells a different story
  • Objectives: revenge for the destruction of his planet
  • Quote: “I’m taking you down, plastic boy!”

The original Star Wars D6 Character is here



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